Monday, October 16, 2017

Sorry To Say....

 Hello My Hustlers, Sorry to say that the yard sale season is coming to an end. It's October 16th and last week I think I counted about 5-6 yard sales compared to 20-15 in the warmer months. So yes the season is coming to an end. But I am happy with the things  I got for this year and it was plenty. I will keep you posted on what's doing hustle wize for the winter months. Keep Hustling

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Plenty Of Choices

Hello My Hustlers. well let me share with you what happen today. It's 80degress out Saturday and there are tons of yard sales to go to. It was a beautiful day and I managed to get some stuff. Spent $51 dollars in total cost for today. Hoping to turn that into $150 or more. Anyway. Here's the real story..
Most of the garage sales  I went to had the same thing will 80% of them and that was baby stuff, clothing, toys, strollers, car seats. If the sellers did not have that then they had glassware,household stuff and yard stuff. So today was pretty slim for what I buy. But......

I did happen to come across a guy selling videos and he thought he was selling 24k gold. He wanted $5 each for  his video games. Then he starts telling me that his good game video xbox, playstation, ps3's are in the house. I looked at him like who cares, what your selling now is way to expense for me. So I walked.

Another situation  a guy was selling a box of great xbox games and when I walked over to the box a old women was digging through it. I was not waiting for her to finish.  I started digging into the box with her . Lucky I did because she took most of them.  I gabbed  about 9 xbox video games. That  was all I got from a box of 40.  I now see  who  else I am completing with  for video games. I expected young guys not old ladies. Now I know better. So that's my story Keep Hustling

Sunday, October 1, 2017


Hello My hustlers, Well here's the deal. I love when people make mistakes in my favor. this is what I am talking about. I generally go to a site that has on line bidding for stuff. This site  if you bid right and know your pricing you can get a lot of good stuff reasonable. Well I was looking on this site for video games like I always do. Who ever listed this set of video games got it wrong, They listed these games as PS2 they were actually PS1s which sell for more money. Yes I did spent a pretty penny on these video games ( $80 bucks)but my return will be greater then what I spent, because they are worth more money and  someone mislabeled them. I just love when someone's mistakes becomes my profit!
                                                                 Happy Hustling.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

They Found It!

Hello My  Hustlers, well I knew a good thing would not last long. Yesterday I went to my favorite spot for good and cheap merchandise. And guess what my competition already found my spot. This community was a gold mine for cheap but good quality stuff. Yesterday I went to one of the homes in this community the guy was packing up . He asked me what I was looking for and I said video games among other things. He told me about 4 other people were asking about the same thing within the last hour or so. My competition has found my yardsale spot D..M.

I also notice in my yardsale stops yesterday the things that I normally would  buy for  $1 or 2 are  now $5 or more. Somebody called my favorite spot, really it's a community and told them to raise their prices.  I did mange to find somethings but nothing like I use to find and not at the prices that I wanted to pay. Oh well I guess something beats nothing at all right. Keep Hustling!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Yardsale Day!!!

Hello My Hustlers. Today was yard sale day for me. There was so many to go  I needed to clone myself just  so that I could hit them all. I started at 8:30 this morning and finished by 4p.m. Heck I was to tired to go on. Besides that it was hot and muggy today and the energy level was not so great. But here's what I got  at one of my stops this  Hip Hop Millionaires Game brand new in package. It was  just right cheap , cute and new. Also got a DreamCast & Gamecube systems at another  yardsale with plenty of games to go with it at a nice price. Now all I need is to sell all the stuff I am buying faster then what I am now.

 Here's a funny thing while I was looking at  stuff at a yardsale. This guy drives up really fast in a van stops and hops out of his car. "Yelling to the owners of the yardsale " You got Any Old Video Games and Systems" They tell him no he hops back in his van and drives away quickly. I said to myself there goes my competition I smiled, because I had just purchased what he was looking for at another garage sale.That made me happy.

                                           So how was your hustling day? Keep Hustling

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Two Things

Hello Everyone two things happen this weekend first on Saturday I had my own yardsale. I needed to make money on all the stuff I had laying around. I was surprised normally I would make about $40 bucks selling my junk ...But this  weekend I made $150. That was alright in my book for one day of hard work. The funny part is that I met the same people as me at my yard sale the ones that want good stuff cheap for cheap. It was funny to haggle with like minded people.

2nd thing was that I went to a community yard sales on Sunday. It was held in an area called Port Washington. The area  has nice homes lots of land, tree like settings but, these people think they have gold and sterling silver that they are selling. First most of the houses and it was about 30 of them had very little stuff to sell and what they did sell was mostly little kids clothing, toys, baby clothing bikes, strollers. you get the point. I did see some xbox games that I wanted but they wanted $6 each. The seller was not will to make a deal . So I walked.  I was not seeing  yard sale prices they were retail one at this community yard sale. Oh I did  get this  sharper image ice maker for $1. I love sharper image stuff. Well that's my weekend Hustle. Keep Hustling 

Monday, September 4, 2017

Not Much!

 With the Holiday Weekend not much to see when it comes to yard sales. There were a few in my favorite neighborhood but the people having it was selling a lot of baby stuff and kids toys. Nothing to write home to mother about. So this weekend when it came to finding stuff was a bust. As I say you can't win them all. Keep Hustling