Thursday, September 9, 2021

Sales Starts

Hello My Hustlers..

Maybe it's just me but my sales a very slow. I have tried a number of things that I am trying to sell but no bites. Since we are in September and the holidays are around the corner I am on my liquidation sales. I am downsizing the stuff that is not moving giving almost at cost  to the buyer. Donating stuff that I know will not sale and  stuff I am not sure about I will put that on my  future yard sale table.
I guess please have other things on their mind besides spending money. So how's your hustle going?

Happy Hustling


Tuesday, August 31, 2021


                                                          Hello My Hustlers..

Sorry it has been a minute. But lately I have been distracted with a personal issue. But I will tell you this nobody at least where I sit is buying. There are a lot of lookie loos but no real buyers. How is your hustle going? I know there is a lot of other things that's taking people's money like rent, food, medication.

I am hoping that Sept, October, and the rest of the coming month will show an improvement in sales. That is the holiday season and spending should be good for hustlers and customers.

Think about what your going to give your loyal customer for a thank you gift. Yes you need to keep your customers happy and they might even refer you to other who might need your items or services in the future.

The thank you gift doesn't have to be expensive it could be a small token gift of some sort. You can give  your customer a good deep discount on your service or products as a gift. You decide what's best to give when it comes to your hustle.

                                                               Happy Hustling


Friday, August 13, 2021

Can I Turn $0 into $1000 in Just 30 Days?

                                                                   Hello My Hustlers..

I found this guy's Youtube video where he shows you how to start a reselling business with  no money. I will admit the video is interesting and what worked for him will not work for others myself included. I see alot of resellers preaching  ebay  stores . Which I would not use Ebay  to resell anything to many problems. But there are still some good  information that you can get from his videos. Especially when it comes to hustling. Watch it and tell me what you think? 

                                                                   Happy Hustling

Monday, August 9, 2021


                                                          Hello My Hustlers

Ok not everybody can do this but... If you have a service or product that would benefit people going back to school. Now is the time to get out there and show the people what you got. There are a lot of hustle products and services that can benefit the person going back to school or the parents of the schoolers. Let's not forget the college crowd. Now that group spends money!

Also get ready because the fall is coming which means spending for the holiday season. So start getting ready with your inventory, your promotional materials, your award winning personality and get hustling.

For example I like that grub hub commercial where you see the people hustling to make deliveries of food for the extra money. Get that same attitude  and start hustling.

                                                            Happy Hustling



Monday, August 2, 2021

Busted Month

                                                             Hello My Hustlers..

 I don't know about you but July was a busted month for me. My sales just vanished. I guess everybody was out and trying to enjoy the summertime outside. I just heard that the fall for hustles should be good. If you have a service business or sell products make sure to always keep some working capital for when you have a busted month like me. When the sales are none. Just my advice.

                                                         Happy Hustling


Saturday, July 17, 2021


                                                           Hello My Hustlers..

I think inflation is effecting my hustle. Here's why I say that with the news and everybody screaming inflation, inflation I see that people are buying less and saving more. Which in return means see is that people are buying less right now. I sell the lowest price items that are needed like books for school and things. Nothing for personal pleasures  like Barbie dolls, G.I Joes, movies, jewelry  things like that.

I know the summer is slow this year because  of last year being Covid-19 and all. Even the garage sales are next to nothing. If I am wrong about inflation let me know . How's your hustle going this summer?

                                                          Happy Hustling


Sunday, July 11, 2021

Motivation Sunday

                                                         Hello My Hustlers..

                                  I think we can all use some motivation today. Happy Sunday.

                                                     Happy Hustling..