Thursday, August 15, 2019

A True Hustler

                                           Hello My Hustlers, How's The Hustle going?

This is what I call a true hustler always prepared to sell not one but many items any place any time. Have a Great weekend and keep that hustle alive!

                                                                    Happy Hustling

Sunday, August 4, 2019

So True

Hello My Hustlers, How's the Hustle?

I came across this and wanted to share with you the basic needs of the customers that we serve. If you think about your hustle and the need that it serves to the customer you will be way ahead of the game.

Happy Hustling

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Be Different

Hello My Hustlers, How's The Hustle Going???

Today we are talking about being different in your hustle. Meaning don't follow the  crowd be a standout to get notice. For example look at the singer Lady Gaga  when she wore that meat outfit to an awards show. She stood out maybe not in a good way but she still stood out and got people talking about her.
In your hustle you have to stand above the rest of your competition. Make them notice you by being a bit out there in a good way. Example if you sell T shirts have a T shirts fashion show with your best T shirts, show people how you can make T shirts a fashion thing. What about a silly T shirt contest featuring your T shirts. 
If you sell a service then find creative ways for example if you have a resume service offer different color paper or materials that has never been used for resumes before .

There are so many ways to stand out you just have to find your way and do it.

 Be Different & Be Better From The Rest

Happy Hustling

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Nice Quote

Hello My Hustlers..

Just wanted to give you a little inspiration to keep that hustle fire going....

Happy Hustling

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Found Something...

 Hello My Hustlers

Happy July 4th Weekend. I know business might be slow right now because of the holiday but it will pick up. But look ant what I found for you or your hustle that is 


UniSquare is a free online marketplace that you have either auction your stuff off or have a store. Almost like you would do if you were using e bay. The best part about UniSquare is that it's FREE.
your auctioning is free and even your online store is free. It's great if you want to get started selling stuff online with out the hassle of all the fees that you get hit with.  


I will say after I investigated this site I found not to many people are following it. There are a lot of auctions and online store but not a lot of traffic. But if you open a store on this site it's up to you to do all the promoting and leg work so that your store becomes a success. Hey did I mention it's all FREE. I know just because it's free don't mean it's any good but At lease you can investigate it and see if you want to  try it out.

I was looking into it myself to see if I wanted to open a free online store myself but I pasted on it since there was no new information about the site not even on it own Facebook page.

Well if you use this site tell me what you think on that note..

Happy Hustling

Monday, July 1, 2019

Good Idea

                                                 Hello My Hustlers, How The Hustle...

Good idea, listen to this. I was watching a YouTube video about this guy who re-sells stuff on eBay. He tells the views where he goes, how much he sell on e bay and the things he gets to sell on his eBay store. He once had a nice collection of Marvel legend figures and stuff. He showed this to his audience on YouTube and they started buying the stuff out of his ebay store.

My point is this you can set up an YouTube account and talk about your hustle and let people know what your doing. But don't tell all your business. That way people are aware of who and what you are as far as your hustle is concerned. That's another audience that you can reach to sell your product and services to. Did I add that YouTube has a lot of people watching.  If your popular well you know how that goes you can go national and start doing live tv  interviews  which will give you an even bigger audience. Which is another way to promote your hustle.

                   I know I might have already told you this but to me it bears repeating
                                                             Happy Hustling

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Let's Be Friends

                                          Hello My Hustlers, How's the Hustle going?
                                                        Make Friends
Highly effective hustlers don’t see their field as a dog-eat-dog world where every other person is a competitor to be “destroyed” or “eliminated.” While there is nothing wrong with healthy competition, such a negative worldview will repulse people in their network who could turn into wonderful friends or mentors. Highly effective hustlers know that a solid network is a must for their success, because they are only one person (a flawed one at that!). Given this reality, they aim to have at least one mentor who is willing to offer guidance and give them the occasional push in the right direction, along with a handful of like-minded friends to bounce their ideas off of.
I read this and thought this is so true. Make friends and your hustle will benefit greatly from it.
                                                              Happy Hustling