Monday, September 17, 2018

Going Out Of Business

 Hello My hustlers, how's the hustle going? Going out of business is it a good thing for a hustler or a bad thing? I am not talking about you going out of business I am talking about other companies. Let's say that Sears which it is  going out of business. Slowly every week they are marking down their prices on the stuff they sell even the store  fixtures and furniture. Do you take advantage of the great prices you can get on say a mannequin if your selling clothing. Do you take advantage of the cheap file cabinets that the store might have. I say yes. Depending on what your hustle is and if you have room for it.

If your hustling say clothing and you can find some really good deals and you can re-sell them why not. If you can find things that you can give as thank you gifts in  going out of business sales, why not. If you can get supplies or furniture that you need for dirt cheap at these kinda sales why not.

We all think  when we see going out of business sales clothing and stuff. We never consider the office supplies, office furniture and other stables that we might need to set up our hustle offices that we can get cheap.

I have  been in a Sears that was going out of business they were selling their office furniture, calculators, computers,  mannequin's, store tables and  shelves, display cases all at 70% off.

For my hustlers out there don't sleep on going out of business sales you never know what you can grab for your hustle that is good, needed and cheap.

                                                            Happy Hustling

Monday, September 10, 2018


                                 Hello My Hustlers, how's the Hustle going Today?

Today we are talking about failures. Well mine anyway. The things that I have tried over the years that just did not work for me any more.

                                     Flea Markets- I was in the flea market business for 5 years in the beginning it worked. I had places that I would set up on the weekends and the money was good. But the work was hard and stressful. You had to find a place to work, pay the fee for the weekend, set up your stand and hope that people would buy from you.  Sometimes you made money and something you didn't but it was work never the less. The expenses in the end did not justify all the hard work you had to do. Plus you were a slave to the weather if it was nice you worked, rainy you didn't. Summer months  you would sweat to death and get sunburn if it was very hot. The fall was nice to work outside and the holidays mad it easy to sell But the winter months were inside. If you could find a place inside to set up in the winter months to sell . Basically these were church events that had holiday flea markets.

                                      Multi-level Marketing- Back when that was the thing. I sold lingerie and pleasure toys. It was fun at first but again the expense of gas for the car, advertising, buying merchandise and gift giveaways was eating up my profits. Not to mention that you had to find the people to have  home parties, travel all over the place, set up your display in people's home. Not knowing how people are living and  hope your  hostess invited enough people so that you could make some money. For me most of the time it was more of a house party then a selling one.  This was all before social media became so popular.

                                  Selling Books- I love books and I use to buy them in bulk and sell them to my co-workers and people who like to read. Again before social media and the internet took off. I use to get the books at a discount and sell them for a profit. Until the returns on the books were costing me  more then  it was worth. So the profits were lost. I stop selling books.

                                     Avon Lady- this was a bad ideas because I am not a make up person. But for a $10 start up I had to try. I never realized how many Avon people were selling at my job and other places. The competition was to stiff and the profit that you made was to little to keep it up. Also trying to get customers was not an easy task and I really did not believe in what I was selling so I stopped.

 Nowadays I just sell on line in my stores and my T shirt company. They are doing ok but at least I am not spending a lot of time setting up and wishing  on good weather. I just put my stuff out , advertise like crazy, offer discounts, incentive and hope that people will buy something. The best thing is the pressure is not there like the other side hustles I have had. Well these were my failures all I can say is keep trying and keep hustling.

                                                                Happy Hustling 

Monday, September 3, 2018

Monday Funny

                                         Hello My Hustlers. How The Hustle Going?
 Just wanted to say Happy Monday and it back to the Hustle on Tuesday. Have A great Hustle Week.

                                                              Happy Hustling

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Happy Labor Day

                                                             Hello My Hustlers

Hello My Hustlers Happy Labor day. Have a great weekend and relax the hustle can wait until Tuesday. enjoy yourself this weekend.

                                                                           Keep Hustling

Friday, August 24, 2018

How Many??

Hello My Hustlers, How's The Hustle?

Is it possible to have to many online stores when it comes to selling your products? I know it's hard to have an online store when it comes to selling your service. If you have a service hustle you can create an online store to sell your e books, Tshirts with your name or quotes on them etc. You get the idea. But how many is to many online store to have  when it comes to selling stuff 3,7,15?
Some say one is enough that way it allows you to concentrate on just that one. Some say two is good because your two stores might get different customer traffic form different places.

Personally I have 3 online store but they are all different. One sells T shirts & things,  one is my bookstore and one is my yard sale store. All of my stores sell different things for different reasons. Yes it's a pain to promote them but then I am a sucker for free stuff and opening up an online store is free. The promoting will cost you, you have to work to promote it. which I do. You might have to  pay some money to promote which I try not to do that. I try and do my hustle within a fixed budget.  So back to the question how many stores for your hustle is to many?

Realize the work that goes into your online store, first finding a free one, then setting it up with merchandise, finding a way for buyers to pay you like setting up a PayPal Or Stripe account.. Then promoting it. You know everybody has a online store nowadays selling mostly  everything. You can always go the way of auction sites like E bay. But E- bay has some issues, so to me it's better to just open my own online store . That way I can control it better.
But how many stores I would say start with one and see how it goes from there. If it's successful then branch out. Remember you need only one to test the online store waters and make sure it's a free one with no hidden fees.

Happy Hustling

Saturday, August 18, 2018


Hello My Hustlers, How the hustle going?

Today I am talking about blogging, Since that is all the rage right now. When it comes  to your hustle it's a good idea to blog about it among other things. As you can see I have about 3 different blogs myself which I use like I would a website. I post content, put advertisement on my blogs, sell stuff from my blogs. I love  blogging but that's just me. Ask me how much I have made from all this blogging I will tell you...……...0. Some people make money some don't. But don't let that discourage you . You should have a blog so that you can promote your products and services and to  maybe make a little bit of money from advertiser from it. 
Remember always look for a way to get a free blog like I have from e blogger. Here are some other free blog sites  to build your blog on Wordpress,, SimpleSite & Wix.  I have found 
E blogger and SimpleSite pretty easy to do.
Once you have your name for your blog which is whatever your hustle is. Then add some picture , content and keep it simple. This way you can drive  online traffic to your blog site. Which in return they can read your content, buy your products or book an appointment with you for your services. They might even use some of your advertisers services that way you  can get a small commission from that to. Every dime counts when your hustling. Also try and add a personal touch to your blog. Don't always sell. Let the readers know you as a person. 
I mainly use my blogs to promote my online stores, my podcast and to share my lifestyle with others . If I make money from my blogs  great. If not then I am still getting the traffic to promote other things and I am meeting new people in the process. Which is a win win in my book any hustling day.
There are also some great YouTube videos out to show you how to set a  simple & easy blog. 

Happy Hustling 

Sunday, August 12, 2018

I Like This One

                                         Hello My Hustlers Happy Sunday!