Friday, December 29, 2017

Happy New Year

Happy New Year My Hustlers, May the money come rolling in to your hustles for 2018!
Keep Hustling

Monday, December 25, 2017

Happy Holiday

                                              Wishing you a Safe & Happy Holiday
                                                     From Twenty Buck Hustle.....

Thursday, December 21, 2017


Hello all my hustlers, Can I tell you that I am not a fan of refunds. Here's why. People buy a lot of stuff during the holiday. They get it home and then they decide they don't want it. So they return it. Which they have a right to but.....

When it comes to returns from on line purchases then that's when it becomes a pain in the ass. I had a person purchase a video game from me at a nice price. This person get's it in the mail after 3 days and then waits another week to decide that they did not want it. That's fine with me but........

When it comes to video games you have to think about what the person has to do to get a refund. First they have to send me my item back just the way I sent it to them. If the item has been damaged or replaced with one of less value ( people  buy stuff  and  switch your good item with their crappy one all the time). then the refunds is voided and I will tell that person why. I do not refund the shipping and returning charges plus I take 10 percent for commission that I have already paid out to paypal and my online store company.. After all said and done then the person get's what's left of his original purchase price.

This might sound unfair but I have been burnt many times by people who try and get over with my good stuff and send me their less then good crappy items and then demand a full refund for it. I try and give the customer all the pictures and answer all their questions about an item  before they purchase from me that why we can avoid  a return problem. But I see people don't listen and buy on impulse and regret it later.  This is why I hate returns.
                                                      Keep Hustling& Happy Holiday!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Hello My Hustlers, So here is where I am out when it comes to Hustling. I have been kind of lazy these last couple of weeks. I mean I have been sending people their purchases. The post office is now my New Best Friend  But as far as putting out new merchandise and finding stuff to re-sale. I am totally lazy with that part. But I have been promoting my store and looking at other ideas for 2018.

Remember just because your not physically working on your hustle doesn't mean that you can't mentally work on it like reading and educating yourself on various things that you want to learn regarding how to grow your business.

So for the next couple of weeks until 2018, I am just mentally reading and trying to figure out new ways to keep my hustle going and to help it grow. So to all my hustlers out there stay safe , happy holidays and keep hustling!

Friday, December 1, 2017

Last Minute

Hello My Hustlers. Last minute buyers. Ok, here's what I am talking about. I busted my A** to put out a lot of stuff for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I just knew that the sales would roll in . So I waited and nothing on these two days. Now here comes Dec 1th and all of a sudden I get a boom of sales. The money is rolling in slowing but still rolling. I am not complaining  I am grateful because as I say every penny counts in my books. Besides the more I sell the more I can buy when the summer rolls around and the yard sales are in full swing.

As we all know come Jan and Feb the sales will be slow or not at all so we brace ourselves and try and promote our business when the sales are not coming in. Make sure that you have a back up plan so when you don't have sales your still working on getting things and information out there about your business to people who didn't know you existed. That what I plan to do in my down months promote the heck out of my business and try to find free or damn near free ways to do it.
Keep Hustling 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Holiday Sales

Hello My Hustlers. Finally I am starting to see some money rolling in. Maybe people got their holiday checks or bonus or saved for the holiday. I don't really know I just know that they are spending some of their money with me and I am happy. I have made a few sales in the last couple of days. So all my effort to promote and put new stuff in my store has paid off.

I am not picky about how much a person spends as long as they spend it with me. So if someone buys an item from me that cost $4.99 or $1.50 I am still happy because a sale is a sale and If I earn a 10cent profit I am good. I live by the principal that every penny counts and in my book it does. So even pass the holidays I am still going to hustle because people never stop buying.
Have a great Thanksgiving and keep Hustling.....

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Vacation Hustle

Hey my hustlers, how are you. You know at times when life gets to much , what do we do we go on vacation. I just came back from a two week vacation and even thought I was relaxed I still got my hustle on while I was on vacation. One of my vacation stops was Las Vegas and while there I visited a lot of their thrift and secondhand stores and I got this cute game at one of the stores. So you see I might be on vacation but I am still trying to get my hustle on..... Happy Hustling.

Monday, October 30, 2017

 To All My Hustlers out there. Wishing You A Happy & Safe Halloween and Keep Hustling.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

I Spent That!!!

 Hello My Hustlers. Just got my Amex Bill today and I was pretty shocked at what I saw. I spent over $300 buying stuff at my auction site to resell. I knew I was spending money but not that much. I also know that the stuff I purchased to resell is selling very slowly. I have not made my profit or my money back from the stuff I purchased yet.

But I can tell you that I purchased a lot of video games which are selling more then my other stuff I have out. Which is a good thing. Hopefully with the holiday season coming up I will be singing it's Raining Money not Debt come Jan 2018.Happy Hustling......

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Last Weekend

Hello My Hustlers Well this should be the last weekend for yard/garage sales. These last couple of days here in New York have been so nice 70 degrees or better. This  Saturday there had to be about   20 or more yards sales going on. I kid you not. So you know I tried to hit most of them since this really should be the last weekend until next season for yard/garage sailing. I was surprised that not to many people were out on the hunt like me this Saturday, Usually I get at least 8 or more  people searching  for stuff at the same yard sales  I go to but today I had about 2.

This is what I got this weekend. Some cool Xbox, PS3 and PlayStation, Wii  video games for cheap.  The guy who was selling them just wanted to get rid of them and I purchased them for pennies on the dollar.

Also got  a Sports Illustrated board game in the free box that a seller had. Nice right. Free stuff is  the right price for me. So that was it so far.  I think I spent about $31 dollars this weekend and got a ton of stuff. Now I just need to recoup my money for all the stuff I purchased over the summer.
Keep Hustling

Monday, October 16, 2017

Sorry To Say....

 Hello My Hustlers, Sorry to say that the yard sale season is coming to an end. It's October 16th and last week I think I counted about 5-6 yard sales compared to 20-15 in the warmer months. So yes the season is coming to an end. But I am happy with the things  I got for this year and it was plenty. I will keep you posted on what's doing hustle wize for the winter months. Keep Hustling

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Plenty Of Choices

Hello My Hustlers. well let me share with you what happen today. It's 80degress out Saturday and there are tons of yard sales to go to. It was a beautiful day and I managed to get some stuff. Spent $51 dollars in total cost for today. Hoping to turn that into $150 or more. Anyway. Here's the real story..
Most of the garage sales  I went to had the same thing will 80% of them and that was baby stuff, clothing, toys, strollers, car seats. If the sellers did not have that then they had glassware,household stuff and yard stuff. So today was pretty slim for what I buy. But......

I did happen to come across a guy selling videos and he thought he was selling 24k gold. He wanted $5 each for  his video games. Then he starts telling me that his good game video xbox, playstation, ps3's are in the house. I looked at him like who cares, what your selling now is way to expense for me. So I walked.

Another situation  a guy was selling a box of great xbox games and when I walked over to the box a old women was digging through it. I was not waiting for her to finish.  I started digging into the box with her . Lucky I did because she took most of them.  I gabbed  about 9 xbox video games. That  was all I got from a box of 40.  I now see  who  else I am completing with  for video games. I expected young guys not old ladies. Now I know better. So that's my story Keep Hustling

Sunday, October 1, 2017


Hello My hustlers, Well here's the deal. I love when people make mistakes in my favor. this is what I am talking about. I generally go to a site that has on line bidding for stuff. This site  if you bid right and know your pricing you can get a lot of good stuff reasonable. Well I was looking on this site for video games like I always do. Who ever listed this set of video games got it wrong, They listed these games as PS2 they were actually PS1s which sell for more money. Yes I did spent a pretty penny on these video games ( $80 bucks)but my return will be greater then what I spent, because they are worth more money and  someone mislabeled them. I just love when someone's mistakes becomes my profit!
                                                                 Happy Hustling.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

They Found It!

Hello My  Hustlers, well I knew a good thing would not last long. Yesterday I went to my favorite spot for good and cheap merchandise. And guess what my competition already found my spot. This community was a gold mine for cheap but good quality stuff. Yesterday I went to one of the homes in this community the guy was packing up . He asked me what I was looking for and I said video games among other things. He told me about 4 other people were asking about the same thing within the last hour or so. My competition has found my yardsale spot D..M.

I also notice in my yardsale stops yesterday the things that I normally would  buy for  $1 or 2 are  now $5 or more. Somebody called my favorite spot, really it's a community and told them to raise their prices.  I did mange to find somethings but nothing like I use to find and not at the prices that I wanted to pay. Oh well I guess something beats nothing at all right. Keep Hustling!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Yardsale Day!!!

Hello My Hustlers. Today was yard sale day for me. There was so many to go  I needed to clone myself just  so that I could hit them all. I started at 8:30 this morning and finished by 4p.m. Heck I was to tired to go on. Besides that it was hot and muggy today and the energy level was not so great. But here's what I got  at one of my stops this  Hip Hop Millionaires Game brand new in package. It was  just right cheap , cute and new. Also got a DreamCast & Gamecube systems at another  yardsale with plenty of games to go with it at a nice price. Now all I need is to sell all the stuff I am buying faster then what I am now.

 Here's a funny thing while I was looking at  stuff at a yardsale. This guy drives up really fast in a van stops and hops out of his car. "Yelling to the owners of the yardsale " You got Any Old Video Games and Systems" They tell him no he hops back in his van and drives away quickly. I said to myself there goes my competition I smiled, because I had just purchased what he was looking for at another garage sale.That made me happy.

                                           So how was your hustling day? Keep Hustling

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Two Things

Hello Everyone two things happen this weekend first on Saturday I had my own yardsale. I needed to make money on all the stuff I had laying around. I was surprised normally I would make about $40 bucks selling my junk ...But this  weekend I made $150. That was alright in my book for one day of hard work. The funny part is that I met the same people as me at my yard sale the ones that want good stuff cheap for cheap. It was funny to haggle with like minded people.

2nd thing was that I went to a community yard sales on Sunday. It was held in an area called Port Washington. The area  has nice homes lots of land, tree like settings but, these people think they have gold and sterling silver that they are selling. First most of the houses and it was about 30 of them had very little stuff to sell and what they did sell was mostly little kids clothing, toys, baby clothing bikes, strollers. you get the point. I did see some xbox games that I wanted but they wanted $6 each. The seller was not will to make a deal . So I walked.  I was not seeing  yard sale prices they were retail one at this community yard sale. Oh I did  get this  sharper image ice maker for $1. I love sharper image stuff. Well that's my weekend Hustle. Keep Hustling 

Monday, September 4, 2017

Not Much!

 With the Holiday Weekend not much to see when it comes to yard sales. There were a few in my favorite neighborhood but the people having it was selling a lot of baby stuff and kids toys. Nothing to write home to mother about. So this weekend when it came to finding stuff was a bust. As I say you can't win them all. Keep Hustling 

Sunday, August 27, 2017

You Got Gold???

Hello all. You Got Gold?? Well when I go to one of the flea markets that I visit I see the vendors who are selling think that they have gold in their merchandise. I mean  my local flea market use to be cheap. I would see Ma & Pa out there selling their stuff for pennies on the dollar.  Not anymore now only thing I see is vendors selling junk thinking it's gold at gold prices. The new breed of vendors  don't give you a break on their prices.  They are very argumentative and dismissive. I have a vendor  get in to a  physical fight with  a customers over junk. If it was me and my customers wanted a better price I would work with them I need the money and I really don't like taking stuff back home. I am at  a flea market to sell stuff and get money period.

Today's vendors have gotten besides themselves and think they are too good for the common flea market buyer that's why they are not making their rents and taking their crap back home with them because of their stank attitudes. Keep Hustling.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Not Feeling The Love

Hello Everybody, Well this weekend I went to my favorite garage sale place. This is the place where I get the best stuff for great prices. Well not this weekend. I was not feeling the love from them. I even tried 2 different areas and still nothing. What I saw was a lot of baby clothing, toys and accessories. If I had a baby I would be racking up. Saw lots of tools and yard stuff and junk. Very few toys or video games. Saw a lot of odds and ends. Nothing to say Yes the mother load like  two weekend ago. Oh well can't feel the love every weekend. I think for the whole weekend if I spent $10 that was a lot. So how was your hustling weekend? Keep Hustling
                  For good stuff &things that are fun and different check out my online stores. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

I Feel Like This

Yes I feel like jumping up and down for joy and I will tell you why. Saturday's yard sale hunting was a bust because the weather kept a lot of people from doing their yard sale. So my lucky spot that I usually find some stuff at was a bust. Sunday I really did not feel like going out but my Partner convinced me because Sunday was nice. We hit a few yard sales but then.........

I went to one yard sale  I almost missed it because they had it way back in their yard  and you would hardly notice it. But I am glad we found it because when it came to video games and system we hit the mother load!!! The seller had a lot of  video games and systems he was getting rid of and a lot of great  dvd movies. Needless to say that we came out with literally a  trunk full of stuff at a decent price. I got  sony xbox systems, 2 sony psp's and games a whole lot video games, movies and even some airplane  models. Most of the sellers stuff was priced at $1. Sweet right!

The best part about being at this yardsale was that we were the only ones so we could take our time looking over his merchandise. Heck we even help the seller put up a  tent to protect his merchandise from the sun and  helped him rearrange his merchandise on his tables so that it would look nicer for when people looked at it . He was very grateful for the help.

So this weekend was a victory.Now I just need all this stuff to sell on my site. Keep Hustling..... 

Thursday, August 3, 2017


Score!!! Hello all well here's the deal for today. I went to my local Savers( thrift store) to donate a bunch of stuff that I no longer needed and to get my 30% discount card. When I finished unloading my unwanted stuff the guy who took my stuff gave me two 30% off cards. Which was very nice of him. When I went into the store I always head right to the section  where they keep their video games and books. They had no video games that was worth my time and the ones  they did have was marked $2.99 for one. Use to be $2.99 for 2. Workers at savers said that management wanted to go up in price and when they did that it pissed a lot of their customers off. But that's not my story.

A worker I know there who knows that I collect video games called me to the back room where they collect their donations. He pulled out a bunch of sweet video games and movies they just got in. So I had first picks of some nice video games. Nice!!!  I grabbed all that I wanted and as I was checking them a guy was standing over my shoulder looking at what I was doing. Looked like he wanted my games. He then left to check out the other videos I left because I didn't want them. He was mad when he passed me for the second time knowing that I grabbed all the good games and movies. Sometime you win and sometimes you lose. Hey I have lost plenty of times to others looking for the same thing that I was . I got about 40 games with a 30% off coupon.  All I can say was today was a good day! Happy Hustling

Monday, July 31, 2017

Good Weekend

Hello Everybody hope you had as good a weekend as I did. I found some crazy yet interesting stuff. Like this Movie from who knows where. I think they were trying to copy the Dragon Ball  Z cartoons. Who know I just know it was a great find for cheap. I like finding different stuff.

I realized this weekend that I am way over my $20 budget. I mean way over. In reality the thought of doing this kinda experiment is good but the reality of it is that if you want to catch the deals your going to spend more then $20 bucks. Also once you spend the money, list the items and wait for it to sell. But in that time your waiting  for your items to sell your missing out on more deals that you could have made because you don't have the money. See what I mean 
Keep on Hustling

Friday, July 28, 2017


Well what the Heck. Rudeness. I hate dealing with rude people when I go to garage sales, flea markets or any out door event that's selling stuff. Perfect example was today I was at a garage sale looking at some video games a guy walks over and states that he was buying all the games.  Then he tried to take the movies I had in my hand thinking they were games. I kinda lost it on him and put the dvd movies up in his face and told him asshole these are movies not games. He pissed me off so bad. I don't mind letting you have stuff it's just the way that you approach somebody that makes a difference. I hate people like that.

Another time I was at a garage sale and this guy literally took something out of my partners hand stating that he was buying that. I almost lost it then to.  I shouted so loud at the stranger don't touch  me or anybody else for something that was not worth the money I had in my pocket which was about $5 at the time.

Also when people are at a yard sale and the hoover over a table taking possession like that's their personal stuff  so that you can not see what's on it. Just Rude.

I know  when you deal with re-sellers at yard sales and garage sales you will deal with rude people but Damn it's only stuff. Keep Hustling! 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Bidding Addiction!

Hi my name is______ and I have a Goodwill online bidding addiction. Ok so I use to go to goodwill their online auction a while back and I thought with the shipping fee, sellers fee  plus what they were charging for the items were to expensive for my taste. So I stopped looking at them until........ About 3 months ago I start looking at the site again and then I started bidding. Their site is like eBay you bid on stuff. But the sellers fee and shipping you gota watch out for because it can be pricey. I try to find stuff to buy cheap to resale. Yes some say goodwill is a rip-off and I agree but if you have a budget, know what your buying and know how to resale it then your good. I made the mistake of over bidding on  something and hopefully I will break even on it. I got caught up in the bidding war.It happens.

Also the bad part about buying from goodwill auction is that they take so long to ship you your stuff because they use UPS and that's get expensive. They also ship on the last day of a 5 day shipping out promise. So it takes about 2 weeks to get your stuff. Which in my case is way to long to wait. I have no patience.

But if you look and search and know your pricing you might be-able to get good deals  with them but don't forget to include the shipping  and sellers fee when your figuring out how much that item is really costing you. Keep Hustling

Monday, July 17, 2017

Happy Dance Weekend...

Hey  Everyone how was your weekend? I did a Happy Dance This weekend why??? Because if you look at  my pictures I got all this stuff cheap. I even got a Sega Console and the games for 5 bucks! I had a great weekend in regard to yard sailing in my secret  community.  This community knows how to treat yard salers right with good stuff cheap. So I am happy. In the pictures  I got some board games and x box games,  computer controllers and some other misc stuff. So like I always say put in your miles when it comes to yardsaling because you never know what you might find. Keep Hustling

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Good Summer

So Far So good. It's been a good yard sale summer for me. Today I got some good stuff cheap. I am taking about vintage barbie dolls and video games that I will be posting-in my store soon. Don't get me wrong I have been spending way more money then I care to so far I have spent over $100. But what I am getting is worth it. Someone said that you have to put a few miles on your car to get the good stuff and they were right. I have put a few miles on my car to see what I can find. I have traveled 15-20 miles sometimes even 30 miles outside of the areas I normally do and can I tell you that has paid off.

I notice people in my  area think they got gold to sell when it comes to their yard sales. but if I go say 15 miles outside my area the people doing the yard sales are happy to give you a bargain and truthfully they got better stuff. So yes it pays to go out of your way at times. Keep hustling!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Weekend Stuff

Happy 4th of July. Well this weekend I got a chance to go to Stormville Flea Market. It's in Putnam County about a 2 hour drive from me.  The last time I went there was about  7 years ago. This place is a big and I mean Big open field. Parking was easy and it was crowded a lot of families. We got there about 9:30. First you have 2 long rows of people selling brand new stuff like socks, tiles for the home,Avon, Tupperware, sunglasses, t shirts you get the point. Then you had 3  long rows of people selling old stuff at high prices. I mean they were selling Xbox games for $10-15 dollar each. they were selling action figures, old board games starting at $5 and up more up then anything.  You saw old furniture, jewelry, a lot of vintage stuff . A lot of the dealers were firm on their pricing which was high.

I did mange to buy some stuff but the prices were a bit up there. But for what I got which was a Nintendo ds lite system, Nintendo case and 10 games the deal was decent. Also got some Wii Games for $1.  I did  manged to get food to stuff my face of course. Their kettle corn up there is the best! The bad thing about my Sunday visit was that it was so  darn hot I was sweating more then I was looking. But overall Stormville flea market was a nice getaway for a sunday but boy was it expensive. Keep Hustling

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Keep Your Mouth Shut

Sometimes it pays to keep your mouth shut. Here's the story I was in a local thrift store today looking at stuff to buy  cheap so I can re-sell it. Anyway I was looking at some nice shirts that were $1.88. So I got a bunch. When I took them to the counter the cashier stated they were $4.99 for certain ones. I said ok which ones are $1.88. When I said that she went off. I mean crazy off she started ranting and raving about the shirts are $4.99 the ones with the numbers on them. I don't have shirts with numbers on them I have plain color shirts with no numbers on them. She started saying that people put the  shirts back in the wrong places and they steal stuff from the charity. She also said she was not talking about me I looked like to her that I was a honest person. Then she went on to say that she did not want to argue with me because her boss would come down. I said nothing to her I just let her rant and rave.  She went on for about 20 minutes

After it was all said and done I got all my shirts for $1.88  not the $4.99 she quoted and I got  2 for  free. That's why sometimes it pays to keep your mouth shut. Keep Hustling

Saturday, June 24, 2017

My Enemy

 Here's the deal. Yard sales and rain don't mix. It's summer and the last thing I want to hear is the word rain. Since the yard sale season is so short rain makes it even shorter, Like today it was suppose to storm all day but it was nice about 9 am. With that I was out looking for stuff, but with the bad weather we were suppose to have today people canceled their  yard sales. The few that I did come across  the people were selling junk at high prices. So I quit when it reached  90 degrees. I was to hot to search any longer. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Keep Hustling

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

T Shirt's

Hello Everyone, Yesterday I was out hunting for T shirts at some of my local discount shops. I came across a few, but boy are there a lot more T shirt  hunters out there then there was before. Everybody thinks that they can make a million off of selling T shirts nowadays. I overheard these teenage girls talk about buying T shirts to flip and make extra money. I mean it's getting competitive just like hunting for video games.

Because everyone and their mother on YouTube has told their business about finding stuff in thrift stores cheap  to sell on the internet. Really to sell on ebay. The thrift stores have seen the videos so now they are  pricing their t shits from $2.50 to $12.99 .They use sell for $1.69 to $5.99 tops back in the day. Heck I use to see T -shirts  selling for 99 cents back in the day.

 This makes it harder for a re-sellers like me to get any kinda a profit off a $12 T shirts.  Which I will not buy anyway it's to darn expensive. So I pick up  T shirts for as cheap as possible  and see how it goes. I got this cool batman shirt for cheap but I had a coupon for 30% off which made it even better. Keep Hustling

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Yardsale Stress

Well Heck!! Sometimes yard sale hunting can be just as stressful as a Black Friday Sale. Here's why first you have people who park all crazy in the street and then they jump out of their car in front of a yard sale not giving a damn  how they are park or if they are blocking the road with their car.

Then you have the people at yardsale who block a yardsale  table with their whole body. They are so afraid that you will see something on that table  before they do so they block the whole yard sale table with their bodies so you can't see the table.

Then there's the  I'm taking it all people. Even before you can put your hand on anything there's somebody already there saying everything that you try to touch they are already taking it and that could be a pile of garbage they are still taking it because they don't want you to have it Crazy right.

Last you have the people who are having the yard sale and they are pricing their stuff so high that they want you to pay them extra to just to take their junk off of their hands. Crazy right!

 That's just to name a few of the things that I have to deal with to find my stuff. Keep Hustling

Thursday, June 15, 2017

New Ideas!!!

Well this is my Hustle deal this week. I got an idea well I really saw it on YouTube. And that's to sell T shirts online. Not just the ones I design but others  as well like the Joe cool T's. I figure if I can sell T's and other stuff maybe I would give myself  a better  chance when it comes to making sales. Because right now my sales are ------ None! So I am into trying other things to get people to buy.  But I am not spending a lot of money on this ideas I am testing the market with T shirts I already have in good condition. Keep Hustling!

Saturday, June 10, 2017


Forgot To tell you this.. Well you know it's yard sale season and I am out there like the rest of them hunting for stuff. Well I came across a guy who was selling a game system that I wanted. He wanted $15 for the system with one game and no cord.I told him that I would give him $8 since I had to buy a cord for it which would have cost me about $10 bucks. We settled on $10 if he could find the cord.

Here's the really part..... He went into the house did something and when he came back out of the house. He tells me he  now wants $15 for the system without the cord and then he stated that he did not know if he wanted to sell it. Really???. We made a deal before you went into the house and like that you inside  probably looked it up on ebay and changed your mind!!

I was pissed  when he told me that , then I thought about that it for a moment. I said ok and left.I will keep my money in my pocket. I am not worried about it there is a game like that with my name on it and I will find it out there some where. That would have been a nice system to add to my store. But hey I am over budget anyway....Keep Hustling

Much Better!

Much Much Better this weekend, Not so much spending wise but product wise yea buddie! Yes I spent over my $7 dollars but it was worth it. I got some cool stuff cheap. I even found some vintage stuff. I will be posting my stuff in my store and be on the look out for a new store coming your way real soon.... Today was a good day! Keep Hustling

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Ideas & Spending

Here's the deal so far. I have some ideas festering in my head when it comes to adding new stuff for my twenty dollar challenge. I'm thinking about doing these new ideas this week but..... I am way over budget when it comes to my spending. Like $41 dollars over budget. I am trying to think what the heck did I buy and why the heck is nothing selling faster. I had to give myself 2 loans at 0% interest of $25 dollars each making it $50 in total. So I have spent $61 and very little sales to show for what I purchased.But I have some new ideas that will use up some of the  loan money  that I gave to myself.

Boy this twenty dollar challenge ain't easy. Keep Hustling