Thursday, February 9, 2017

Plastic Bag Fee

                   Plastic-bag battle will check out for one year 

Hello My Frugal New Yorker's, I am not sure  if you are aware of this but last year the state law makers  wanted to impose a 5 cents bag fee on plastic bags that you get from your grocery store. If your like me and use about 8-10 plastic bags  when I go food shopping. The cost of 5 cents per bag for me would have been between 40-50 cents extra. I am already paying to much for groceries but adding that extra $ cents would have been to much.  Gov. Cuomo said Wednesday he hasn’t decided whether to sign a bill to block implementation of a controversial 5-cent disposable bag fee in New York City. He even said that the five cents will start adding up and that people can not afford that right now. So for now this discussion is off the table and the 5 cents can stay in our pockets!  That sounds like a frugal victory to me!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Welcome to a Frugal New Yorker. Hi My name is Hill and I am a Frugal New Yorker! The reason for this blog is simple. I want to share with  you  ways that you can live in New York or any other expensive city like New York on the cheap. Most of the articles  that will be featured here will be about living in New York but I am sure that you can apply the same situation and saving methods to just about any city that you live in. I happen to live in New York so that's where my saving methods would be concentrated on. On that Note.... Let me tell you about myself in short. I use to work for the city of New York. I left that job 3 years ago because of medical reason.  When I left I was making about $45,000 a year and that's after 20 years of service. Now I am unemployed, working part time or when I can. I live mostly off my saving and my partners pension and social security. (He supports me).  So because of this I have to be very creative with my spending and that's why I am a Frugal New Yorker.  So come with me on this Journey and let's be Frugal together. It don't matter if your  A New York or not as long as your Frugal.....