Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Losing Weight Cheap

My way of doing Weight Watcher on the Cheap. I purchased the information, the books and everything I need to get started for $10 on ebay. So I will be doing the program this Friday. This was cheaper then me going to the Weight Watchers  weekly $12 meeting. It would have cost me $48 a month compared to the $10 I spent. I also use Spark People(it's free) to track my weight and do challenges. This is how a Frugal New Yorker does it!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Happy Spring and Saving Pennies

Hello My Frugal New Yorker's. Happy Spring. Just wanted to pop in and say Hi and also to let you know that  Since it is April Have you come up with any Ideas on How your going to save those pennies for Retirement?

I have some suggestions. Why not start saving your coins, Get a second job, Rent out space in your home. Work overtime, Pick up cans and return for the deposit, Start a side business.You know living in New York you can always find someway to get your hustle on.. You might be collecting pennies at first but every penny counts when it comes to saving for retirement espically if you still plan on living in New York after you retire.....!