Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Keep Your Mouth Shut

Sometimes it pays to keep your mouth shut. Here's the story I was in a local thrift store today looking at stuff to buy  cheap so I can re-sell it. Anyway I was looking at some nice shirts that were $1.88. So I got a bunch. When I took them to the counter the cashier stated they were $4.99 for certain ones. I said ok which ones are $1.88. When I said that she went off. I mean crazy off she started ranting and raving about the shirts are $4.99 the ones with the numbers on them. I don't have shirts with numbers on them I have plain color shirts with no numbers on them. She started saying that people put the  shirts back in the wrong places and they steal stuff from the charity. She also said she was not talking about me I looked like to her that I was a honest person. Then she went on to say that she did not want to argue with me because her boss would come down. I said nothing to her I just let her rant and rave.  She went on for about 20 minutes

After it was all said and done I got all my shirts for $1.88  not the $4.99 she quoted and I got  2 for  free. That's why sometimes it pays to keep your mouth shut. Keep Hustling

Saturday, June 24, 2017

My Enemy

 Here's the deal. Yard sales and rain don't mix. It's summer and the last thing I want to hear is the word rain. Since the yard sale season is so short rain makes it even shorter, Like today it was suppose to storm all day but it was nice about 9 am. With that I was out looking for stuff, but with the bad weather we were suppose to have today people canceled their  yard sales. The few that I did come across  the people were selling junk at high prices. So I quit when it reached  90 degrees. I was to hot to search any longer. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Keep Hustling

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

T Shirt's

Hello Everyone, Yesterday I was out hunting for T shirts at some of my local discount shops. I came across a few, but boy are there a lot more T shirt  hunters out there then there was before. Everybody thinks that they can make a million off of selling T shirts nowadays. I overheard these teenage girls talk about buying T shirts to flip and make extra money. I mean it's getting competitive just like hunting for video games.

Because everyone and their mother on YouTube has told their business about finding stuff in thrift stores cheap  to sell on the internet. Really to sell on ebay. The thrift stores have seen the videos so now they are  pricing their t shits from $2.50 to $12.99 .They use sell for $1.69 to $5.99 tops back in the day. Heck I use to see T -shirts  selling for 99 cents back in the day.

 This makes it harder for a re-sellers like me to get any kinda a profit off a $12 T shirts.  Which I will not buy anyway it's to darn expensive. So I pick up  T shirts for as cheap as possible  and see how it goes. I got this cool batman shirt for cheap but I had a coupon for 30% off which made it even better. Keep Hustling

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Yardsale Stress

Well Heck!! Sometimes yard sale hunting can be just as stressful as a Black Friday Sale. Here's why first you have people who park all crazy in the street and then they jump out of their car in front of a yard sale not giving a damn  how they are park or if they are blocking the road with their car.

Then you have the people at yardsale who block a yardsale  table with their whole body. They are so afraid that you will see something on that table  before they do so they block the whole yard sale table with their bodies so you can't see the table.

Then there's the  I'm taking it all people. Even before you can put your hand on anything there's somebody already there saying everything that you try to touch they are already taking it and that could be a pile of garbage they are still taking it because they don't want you to have it Crazy right.

Last you have the people who are having the yard sale and they are pricing their stuff so high that they want you to pay them extra to just to take their junk off of their hands. Crazy right!

 That's just to name a few of the things that I have to deal with to find my stuff. Keep Hustling

Thursday, June 15, 2017

New Ideas!!!

Well this is my Hustle deal this week. I got an idea well I really saw it on YouTube. And that's to sell T shirts online. Not just the ones I design but others  as well like the Joe cool T's. I figure if I can sell T's and other stuff maybe I would give myself  a better  chance when it comes to making sales. Because right now my sales are ------ None! So I am into trying other things to get people to buy.  But I am not spending a lot of money on this ideas I am testing the market with T shirts I already have in good condition. Keep Hustling!

Saturday, June 10, 2017


Forgot To tell you this.. Well you know it's yard sale season and I am out there like the rest of them hunting for stuff. Well I came across a guy who was selling a game system that I wanted. He wanted $15 for the system with one game and no cord.I told him that I would give him $8 since I had to buy a cord for it which would have cost me about $10 bucks. We settled on $10 if he could find the cord.

Here's the really part..... He went into the house did something and when he came back out of the house. He tells me he  now wants $15 for the system without the cord and then he stated that he did not know if he wanted to sell it. Really???. We made a deal before you went into the house and like that you inside  probably looked it up on ebay and changed your mind!!

I was pissed  when he told me that , then I thought about that it for a moment. I said ok and left.I will keep my money in my pocket. I am not worried about it there is a game like that with my name on it and I will find it out there some where. That would have been a nice system to add to my store. But hey I am over budget anyway....Keep Hustling

Much Better!

Much Much Better this weekend, Not so much spending wise but product wise yea buddie! Yes I spent over my $7 dollars but it was worth it. I got some cool stuff cheap. I even found some vintage stuff. I will be posting my stuff in my store and be on the look out for a new store coming your way real soon.... Today was a good day! Keep Hustling

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Ideas & Spending

Here's the deal so far. I have some ideas festering in my head when it comes to adding new stuff for my twenty dollar challenge. I'm thinking about doing these new ideas this week but..... I am way over budget when it comes to my spending. Like $41 dollars over budget. I am trying to think what the heck did I buy and why the heck is nothing selling faster. I had to give myself 2 loans at 0% interest of $25 dollars each making it $50 in total. So I have spent $61 and very little sales to show for what I purchased.But I have some new ideas that will use up some of the  loan money  that I gave to myself.

Boy this twenty dollar challenge ain't easy. Keep Hustling

Sunday, June 4, 2017


This weekend was suppose to be a good weekend for yard sales. It's the first weekend in June. But......
I went to a few community yard sales this weekend and they were selling junk! And did I mention a lot of craft stuff. They also wanted high prices for stuff that was originally when they purchased it cheap. They were not negotiating with any buyer. Most of the stuff that I saw this weekend was not worth my time or money. Especially since I have so little of both. But I did mange to get one or two things for $5 bucks. The seller wanted $2 each but I asked if she would take $4 for 3 things . She said no with attitude she would take $5. Stupid me should have walked but I gave her $5 now I have like $3 left for the summer from the $20. Now if I need to I will give myself a $25 loan until something sells. Oh well what can I do or say but Keep Hustling!