Monday, July 31, 2017

Good Weekend

Hello Everybody hope you had as good a weekend as I did. I found some crazy yet interesting stuff. Like this Movie from who knows where. I think they were trying to copy the Dragon Ball  Z cartoons. Who know I just know it was a great find for cheap. I like finding different stuff.

I realized this weekend that I am way over my $20 budget. I mean way over. In reality the thought of doing this kinda experiment is good but the reality of it is that if you want to catch the deals your going to spend more then $20 bucks. Also once you spend the money, list the items and wait for it to sell. But in that time your waiting  for your items to sell your missing out on more deals that you could have made because you don't have the money. See what I mean 
Keep on Hustling

Friday, July 28, 2017


Well what the Heck. Rudeness. I hate dealing with rude people when I go to garage sales, flea markets or any out door event that's selling stuff. Perfect example was today I was at a garage sale looking at some video games a guy walks over and states that he was buying all the games.  Then he tried to take the movies I had in my hand thinking they were games. I kinda lost it on him and put the dvd movies up in his face and told him asshole these are movies not games. He pissed me off so bad. I don't mind letting you have stuff it's just the way that you approach somebody that makes a difference. I hate people like that.

Another time I was at a garage sale and this guy literally took something out of my partners hand stating that he was buying that. I almost lost it then to.  I shouted so loud at the stranger don't touch  me or anybody else for something that was not worth the money I had in my pocket which was about $5 at the time.

Also when people are at a yard sale and the hoover over a table taking possession like that's their personal stuff  so that you can not see what's on it. Just Rude.

I know  when you deal with re-sellers at yard sales and garage sales you will deal with rude people but Damn it's only stuff. Keep Hustling! 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Bidding Addiction!

Hi my name is______ and I have a Goodwill online bidding addiction. Ok so I use to go to goodwill their online auction a while back and I thought with the shipping fee, sellers fee  plus what they were charging for the items were to expensive for my taste. So I stopped looking at them until........ About 3 months ago I start looking at the site again and then I started bidding. Their site is like eBay you bid on stuff. But the sellers fee and shipping you gota watch out for because it can be pricey. I try to find stuff to buy cheap to resale. Yes some say goodwill is a rip-off and I agree but if you have a budget, know what your buying and know how to resale it then your good. I made the mistake of over bidding on  something and hopefully I will break even on it. I got caught up in the bidding war.It happens.

Also the bad part about buying from goodwill auction is that they take so long to ship you your stuff because they use UPS and that's get expensive. They also ship on the last day of a 5 day shipping out promise. So it takes about 2 weeks to get your stuff. Which in my case is way to long to wait. I have no patience.

But if you look and search and know your pricing you might be-able to get good deals  with them but don't forget to include the shipping  and sellers fee when your figuring out how much that item is really costing you. Keep Hustling

Monday, July 17, 2017

Happy Dance Weekend...

Hey  Everyone how was your weekend? I did a Happy Dance This weekend why??? Because if you look at  my pictures I got all this stuff cheap. I even got a Sega Console and the games for 5 bucks! I had a great weekend in regard to yard sailing in my secret  community.  This community knows how to treat yard salers right with good stuff cheap. So I am happy. In the pictures  I got some board games and x box games,  computer controllers and some other misc stuff. So like I always say put in your miles when it comes to yardsaling because you never know what you might find. Keep Hustling

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Good Summer

So Far So good. It's been a good yard sale summer for me. Today I got some good stuff cheap. I am taking about vintage barbie dolls and video games that I will be posting-in my store soon. Don't get me wrong I have been spending way more money then I care to so far I have spent over $100. But what I am getting is worth it. Someone said that you have to put a few miles on your car to get the good stuff and they were right. I have put a few miles on my car to see what I can find. I have traveled 15-20 miles sometimes even 30 miles outside of the areas I normally do and can I tell you that has paid off.

I notice people in my  area think they got gold to sell when it comes to their yard sales. but if I go say 15 miles outside my area the people doing the yard sales are happy to give you a bargain and truthfully they got better stuff. So yes it pays to go out of your way at times. Keep hustling!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Weekend Stuff

Happy 4th of July. Well this weekend I got a chance to go to Stormville Flea Market. It's in Putnam County about a 2 hour drive from me.  The last time I went there was about  7 years ago. This place is a big and I mean Big open field. Parking was easy and it was crowded a lot of families. We got there about 9:30. First you have 2 long rows of people selling brand new stuff like socks, tiles for the home,Avon, Tupperware, sunglasses, t shirts you get the point. Then you had 3  long rows of people selling old stuff at high prices. I mean they were selling Xbox games for $10-15 dollar each. they were selling action figures, old board games starting at $5 and up more up then anything.  You saw old furniture, jewelry, a lot of vintage stuff . A lot of the dealers were firm on their pricing which was high.

I did mange to buy some stuff but the prices were a bit up there. But for what I got which was a Nintendo ds lite system, Nintendo case and 10 games the deal was decent. Also got some Wii Games for $1.  I did  manged to get food to stuff my face of course. Their kettle corn up there is the best! The bad thing about my Sunday visit was that it was so  darn hot I was sweating more then I was looking. But overall Stormville flea market was a nice getaway for a sunday but boy was it expensive. Keep Hustling