Sunday, August 27, 2017

You Got Gold???

Hello all. You Got Gold?? Well when I go to one of the flea markets that I visit I see the vendors who are selling think that they have gold in their merchandise. I mean  my local flea market use to be cheap. I would see Ma & Pa out there selling their stuff for pennies on the dollar.  Not anymore now only thing I see is vendors selling junk thinking it's gold at gold prices. The new breed of vendors  don't give you a break on their prices.  They are very argumentative and dismissive. I have a vendor  get in to a  physical fight with  a customers over junk. If it was me and my customers wanted a better price I would work with them I need the money and I really don't like taking stuff back home. I am at  a flea market to sell stuff and get money period.

Today's vendors have gotten besides themselves and think they are too good for the common flea market buyer that's why they are not making their rents and taking their crap back home with them because of their stank attitudes. Keep Hustling.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Not Feeling The Love

Hello Everybody, Well this weekend I went to my favorite garage sale place. This is the place where I get the best stuff for great prices. Well not this weekend. I was not feeling the love from them. I even tried 2 different areas and still nothing. What I saw was a lot of baby clothing, toys and accessories. If I had a baby I would be racking up. Saw lots of tools and yard stuff and junk. Very few toys or video games. Saw a lot of odds and ends. Nothing to say Yes the mother load like  two weekend ago. Oh well can't feel the love every weekend. I think for the whole weekend if I spent $10 that was a lot. So how was your hustling weekend? Keep Hustling
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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

I Feel Like This

Yes I feel like jumping up and down for joy and I will tell you why. Saturday's yard sale hunting was a bust because the weather kept a lot of people from doing their yard sale. So my lucky spot that I usually find some stuff at was a bust. Sunday I really did not feel like going out but my Partner convinced me because Sunday was nice. We hit a few yard sales but then.........

I went to one yard sale  I almost missed it because they had it way back in their yard  and you would hardly notice it. But I am glad we found it because when it came to video games and system we hit the mother load!!! The seller had a lot of  video games and systems he was getting rid of and a lot of great  dvd movies. Needless to say that we came out with literally a  trunk full of stuff at a decent price. I got  sony xbox systems, 2 sony psp's and games a whole lot video games, movies and even some airplane  models. Most of the sellers stuff was priced at $1. Sweet right!

The best part about being at this yardsale was that we were the only ones so we could take our time looking over his merchandise. Heck we even help the seller put up a  tent to protect his merchandise from the sun and  helped him rearrange his merchandise on his tables so that it would look nicer for when people looked at it . He was very grateful for the help.

So this weekend was a victory.Now I just need all this stuff to sell on my site. Keep Hustling..... 

Thursday, August 3, 2017


Score!!! Hello all well here's the deal for today. I went to my local Savers( thrift store) to donate a bunch of stuff that I no longer needed and to get my 30% discount card. When I finished unloading my unwanted stuff the guy who took my stuff gave me two 30% off cards. Which was very nice of him. When I went into the store I always head right to the section  where they keep their video games and books. They had no video games that was worth my time and the ones  they did have was marked $2.99 for one. Use to be $2.99 for 2. Workers at savers said that management wanted to go up in price and when they did that it pissed a lot of their customers off. But that's not my story.

A worker I know there who knows that I collect video games called me to the back room where they collect their donations. He pulled out a bunch of sweet video games and movies they just got in. So I had first picks of some nice video games. Nice!!!  I grabbed all that I wanted and as I was checking them a guy was standing over my shoulder looking at what I was doing. Looked like he wanted my games. He then left to check out the other videos I left because I didn't want them. He was mad when he passed me for the second time knowing that I grabbed all the good games and movies. Sometime you win and sometimes you lose. Hey I have lost plenty of times to others looking for the same thing that I was . I got about 40 games with a 30% off coupon.  All I can say was today was a good day! Happy Hustling