Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Holiday Sales

Hello My Hustlers. Finally I am starting to see some money rolling in. Maybe people got their holiday checks or bonus or saved for the holiday. I don't really know I just know that they are spending some of their money with me and I am happy. I have made a few sales in the last couple of days. So all my effort to promote and put new stuff in my store has paid off.

I am not picky about how much a person spends as long as they spend it with me. So if someone buys an item from me that cost $4.99 or $1.50 I am still happy because a sale is a sale and If I earn a 10cent profit I am good. I live by the principal that every penny counts and in my book it does. So even pass the holidays I am still going to hustle because people never stop buying.
Have a great Thanksgiving and keep Hustling.....

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Vacation Hustle

Hey my hustlers, how are you. You know at times when life gets to much , what do we do we go on vacation. I just came back from a two week vacation and even thought I was relaxed I still got my hustle on while I was on vacation. One of my vacation stops was Las Vegas and while there I visited a lot of their thrift and secondhand stores and I got this cute game at one of the stores. So you see I might be on vacation but I am still trying to get my hustle on..... Happy Hustling.