Friday, December 29, 2017

Happy New Year

Happy New Year My Hustlers, May the money come rolling in to your hustles for 2018!
Keep Hustling

Monday, December 25, 2017

Happy Holiday

                                              Wishing you a Safe & Happy Holiday
                                                     From Twenty Buck Hustle.....

Thursday, December 21, 2017


Hello all my hustlers, Can I tell you that I am not a fan of refunds. Here's why. People buy a lot of stuff during the holiday. They get it home and then they decide they don't want it. So they return it. Which they have a right to but.....

When it comes to returns from on line purchases then that's when it becomes a pain in the ass. I had a person purchase a video game from me at a nice price. This person get's it in the mail after 3 days and then waits another week to decide that they did not want it. That's fine with me but........

When it comes to video games you have to think about what the person has to do to get a refund. First they have to send me my item back just the way I sent it to them. If the item has been damaged or replaced with one of less value ( people  buy stuff  and  switch your good item with their crappy one all the time). then the refunds is voided and I will tell that person why. I do not refund the shipping and returning charges plus I take 10 percent for commission that I have already paid out to paypal and my online store company.. After all said and done then the person get's what's left of his original purchase price.

This might sound unfair but I have been burnt many times by people who try and get over with my good stuff and send me their less then good crappy items and then demand a full refund for it. I try and give the customer all the pictures and answer all their questions about an item  before they purchase from me that why we can avoid  a return problem. But I see people don't listen and buy on impulse and regret it later.  This is why I hate returns.
                                                      Keep Hustling& Happy Holiday!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Hello My Hustlers, So here is where I am out when it comes to Hustling. I have been kind of lazy these last couple of weeks. I mean I have been sending people their purchases. The post office is now my New Best Friend  But as far as putting out new merchandise and finding stuff to re-sale. I am totally lazy with that part. But I have been promoting my store and looking at other ideas for 2018.

Remember just because your not physically working on your hustle doesn't mean that you can't mentally work on it like reading and educating yourself on various things that you want to learn regarding how to grow your business.

So for the next couple of weeks until 2018, I am just mentally reading and trying to figure out new ways to keep my hustle going and to help it grow. So to all my hustlers out there stay safe , happy holidays and keep hustling!

Friday, December 1, 2017

Last Minute

Hello My Hustlers. Last minute buyers. Ok, here's what I am talking about. I busted my A** to put out a lot of stuff for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I just knew that the sales would roll in . So I waited and nothing on these two days. Now here comes Dec 1th and all of a sudden I get a boom of sales. The money is rolling in slowing but still rolling. I am not complaining  I am grateful because as I say every penny counts in my books. Besides the more I sell the more I can buy when the summer rolls around and the yard sales are in full swing.

As we all know come Jan and Feb the sales will be slow or not at all so we brace ourselves and try and promote our business when the sales are not coming in. Make sure that you have a back up plan so when you don't have sales your still working on getting things and information out there about your business to people who didn't know you existed. That what I plan to do in my down months promote the heck out of my business and try to find free or damn near free ways to do it.
Keep Hustling