Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Never Stop

 Hello My Hustlers, Happy Tuesday
.    I wanted to tell you to never stop learning about your hustle. Now that's it's winter here in New York and I have some down time. Business is kinda slow. I am putting my efforts into learning more about my business as far as how I can reach more people and form my own communities. Remember it's not just about the selling it's about establishing relationship and keeping them.

What I do is look at YouTube videos, Facebook groups, business blogs and read a lot of business newspapers just to get some ideas. I also love looking at my business programs on television. I like programs like The Profit, American Greed, CNBC, Shark Tank. These  programs show you a lot of ways to conduct business and ways not to. They are a great learning lessons to get your hustle correct.

I also read a lot of magazine and books regarding business topics. I even go to free classes if they are offered in my area and they make sense to go to. I love to learn because the more you learn the more better it will be for your business/hustle.
                                                                         Happy Hustling

Saturday, January 13, 2018


Hello My Hustlers, Happy Saturday. Well I am here to talk to you about ads. I have placed a Facebook ad and a Craigslist ad and here are my results on both.

Facebook Ad. I  had a coupon for $10 to use Facebook ads. So I took advantage of it and promoted my Facebook page and the link to this site. For 14 days I spent a total of $7 from the coupon promotion and I got about........ 70 people to look and like my page. So the Facebook ad was a bust for me.

Craigslist Ads. This was free and I have promoted on Craigslist New York before. After  all that is said and done that to was a bust to. I prompted various things on craigslist and they all were a bust .

These are the only two things as far as ads go that I have done for my business. I do have a podcast which I promote my business on every now and then but I have no takers. If you have a better way to promote your business please share it. Would love some new promoting ideas for 2018

Happy Hustling....

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Going Out OF Business

Hey My Hustlers, How are you today? Have you every thought  of taking advantage of   all these stores going out of business? What I mean is this I have been hearing a lot of stores for 2018 are going out of business like Sears, Kmart and maybe even Toys R Us just to name a few. Well if and when these stores go out of business they liquidate their inventory at great discounts. This is where you come in. You see what you can purchase at these stores at a great price and then you re-sell the item.

I remember when Kaybee toy stores went out of business a few years ago and they had mark down their inventory from 50-90%. It was a mad house in there with people pushing and shoving and gabbing stuff off the shelves. But I racked up with toys  that cost me about 1-3 dollars when their original price tag was $19.99. I purchased so many toys it was crazy and everyday the store was marking down more stuff to the point the last days the markdown was 98%. It was like they were just giving their items away. I loved that day.

So if your looking for new inventory then take advantage of all these going out of business sales but be careful, make sure the item is resalable, you get it at a very cheap price and the item is in great condition. Now Hustle On!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Cancel Order

 Hello My hustlers, Happy 2018. I hate to cancel orders. Here's what happened I had an order for a gamecube game and when I saw it I thought I had it. Well I did have it but sold it. I had forgotten to remove it from my store list and I sold the item twice. So I had to return the buyers money which I hated to do. It was my fault. But mind you this was not the first time I had forgotten to remove something from my store after it sold and someone had ordered it.   

I am hoping that 2018 will bring me more business and ways that I can promote the business I already have. This year I am defiantly getting into the YouTube videos on how to attract more people to your online store. I need all the help that I can get.  So what are you doing to promote your business in 2018 and how much will it cost you. I am always looking for Free ways to advertisement my business. If not free then darn near cheap ways. Hey, I am  a frugal hustlers what can I say!
                                                              Keep Hustling

Monday, January 1, 2018

Buy More

Hello My Hustlers Happy Jan 1th.  I am surprised that with all the celebrations going on for New Years Eve that some people took the time to go on line and buy stuff. I got a few sales today which shocked me because I just knew that people were still sleeping and would be until say tomorrow. I am also shocked that people are buying after one whole month of shopping. I am not complaining I am happy that I am still making sales just shocked that's all.

Have you tried Facebooks ads to promote your business. I received a $10 coupon  from them the other day and I am using it to promote one of my Facebook pages. So far the results are not looking so good. The ad campaign ends  Jan 3rd. I realized that if I had to spend my money on this ad I would have been disappointed because for me Facebooks ads don't work. They might for other people but not for me. So have you ever tried to use a Facebook ad to promote your business??

                                Happy Hustling, New Money & New Business