Monday, February 26, 2018

How Many???

Hello  My Hustlers, How are you doing. My real questions is How Many? How many online stores does a person need? I was watching a video yesterday and this person was selling his stuff on a bunch of different online stores. He was selling on Ebay, Bonanza, Mercari, Sonenvy, eBluejay, Amazon. Just to name a few. I was thinking how many places or rather online stores must you be on to sell your stuff.

I realize that some online stores are better then others. So you try them out but at what cost to you. I remember that Ebay back in the day use to be good and their fees were not as expensive as they are now. The people selling and buying back in the day were nicer then they are now. I use to sell on Ebay until they started changing for the worst and then I got out.

Some of these online stores let you set up for free but they charge you a % when you sell your items. These frees can run in to some money.  Also let's not forget if your using Paypay  to collect your money that's also a fee. So if you have say 3 stores that your stuff is in are you figuring out how much it's costing you in fees to have these stores open? Think about it.

Personally my partner has a bonanza store  and he has paid over $400 in bonanza fees alone last year. But he's a power seller so the money he pays in fees he makes back in sales. But still $400 for the year in fees when you don't have it or not making it in sales is a lot.

I say keep it cheap and simple. Set up a small store online that doesn't charge you a lot of money in fees and  has good traffic and see what happens. Add your products to your store, promote the heck out of it and see if your sales are covering your fees to run the store and making you a profit in the process.

I read somewhere a person said that when she sells online she needs to make candy bar money. That to me is a profit of $2 to 3 dollar or more after all the expenses are paid out. So if you are not making candy bar money with your online store. Then what is a point? Happy Hustling 

Friday, February 23, 2018


Hello My Hustlers. Today let's talk about people. You know meeting them in person and not over the internet. I am referring to Networking live, in person, face to face. Some people feel comfortable networking over social media but there will be a time when you have to come face to face with people. I know it might be scary but if you want to get your name and product out there sometimes you have to meet people.

I personally don't know how to get out and meet people but I do know I like going to events and watching how other people network and I learn from that experience. You have to step out of your comfort zone and be friendly not pushy when it comes to networking face to face.
What I do is I find free events I want to go to at Eventbrite
I always find some free event I want to attend to promote my business or just get some good business ideas from others. Remember when I told you that I had a podcast show . Well this is the place to look for guest for your show as well as business clients.

Anyway what I do is make sure I have my business cards or small fliers with me and instead of walking up to a person talking about my business. I give the person a compliment for example "I like your dress, nice shoes, nice tie  etc. this breaks the ice for me and then I ask questions like is this your first time here etc. Just like you would want to meet someone to  date but instead it's for your business. Don't be pushy or to over eager when the opportunity presents itself then you give that person your business card or flier and you ask if you can have one of theirs. Fair exchange no robbery right.

Your there to meet new people  who will help you enhance your business and they are there for the same thing. There is nothing wrong with helping each other in your quest to help your business. You might even make a few friends out of the event.
                                                              Keep Hustling

Monday, February 19, 2018


Hello Hustlers, Well here's a thought Business Expos. Have you thought about attending or setting up shop at small business expos around your area or even out of your community. I know what your saying that expos can run in to the thousands of dollars and I don't have that kind of money. So if you don't set up what about attending with your business cards and fliers to give out.

Here's what I did a while back. I live in New York and there are many events in and around the city. I love going to the Black Expo and  Sister Circle  Expo these are both business expos. The rental of the both these Expos  are a  couple of thousand  just for a small booth. What I did to save money and get my business exposed was  I got  a ticket to the event .  Think I paid $15 for the Sister Circle One and $20 for the Black Expo. My total cost $35 dollar. So when I got to these events I had about 100 fliers and business cards that I was giving out inside and outside of the event. I was not  so bold  that I would draw attention to myself  didn't want to get kicked out the event but I was bold enough to  walked up to people say hello and give them either my flier or business card.. These two event have about 10-35 thousand people  attend  over a weekend event . That's a lot of people that you can let them know about your business.

I also got a lot of information  about other people's business and made some good networking contacts. What I am saying is that you can get your business out there cheap if you think outside the box. Oh by the way I was not the only one giving out fliers that day for the price of admission.
Keep Hustling  

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Hello My Hustlers Let's Talk Giveaways Today. I know your saying aren't we on a budget? Aren't we suppose to make money not give it away? I can't afford to do giveaways? Yes to all of that but.....

Giveaways are one way to bring people to your business or service making them aware of what your doing and  what your service or products are. I  have done a few giveaways in my day and they went pretty well. Here's what I did.

First remember this was a couple of years ago and Vista Print was offering promotional items for free. So I use to buy about 10-15 free promotional items with my logo and company name on it and give them away to my podcast listeners when I had a contest. The cost of the promotional items cost me about $10 bucks plus shipping was about $5 back then. I got more then my $10 bucks worth in nice items like tote bags, t-shirts, coffee cups, pens, notepads, backpacks, hats. This helped me a lot when it came to telling my audience and customers that I care for them and their business.

              ( One Of My Giveaways From Vista Print for One of my Businesses)

Fast Forward to day Vista Print is not giving out the freebies like they use to but you can still do giveaways. If you sell products like I do the products that are not selling as well or not at all  use one of them for a free giveaways. If you offer a service then give  10-15 minutes of your service time as a giveaway. If you want to spend say a little money then offer gift cards  to your customers but you gota earn them for free first by doing surveys to get them. What about this whatever you get free  stuff   and you know it would be a nice giveaways then use that.

 By using giveaways you are showing your customers you appreciate them. Hopefully that customer will take that appreciation from you and tell their friend who tell their friends.That's where you will gain more customers for your store or service.

Giveaways help to build your brand and your business. So what have you got to lose but I am sure you have something to giveaway. Happy Hustling. 

Thursday, February 8, 2018


 Hello My Hustlers, So here's what I heard  and read yesterday. Social media is a very powerful tool to use for your business and personal life. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube,  LinkedIn.You get the idea. If you can build up a following you will do wonders for our business but....

Social Media is that it's suppose to help you be social and not to always hawk your wares. If you have say a Facebook platform and you just start right out telling people about your great products that you make and sell . What kind of people or following do you think your gona to get for your business? Yes you can have a business page or a fan page on Facebook but you still have to be social and not always talk about what your selling. That's a quick turnoff for people. You have to be social in social media. Key word Social.

I have a Facebook page, twitter page and Pinterest and most of my pages are business pages but I do put a lot of non business things on there to. Like  information I find interesting  that other might like on that certain topic. I also talk about myself some and  share some personal but not to personal stuff on my social network pages. My following is not big at all but  I am getting there.

I am telling you all this  because I was reading where one of the Kardashian women had over 1 million followers on Instagram and twitter. She  started advertising her perfume on her social media pages . In 4 days she made over 10 million dollars just from her Instagram following alone.  The power of social media for your business is priceless because it's free and effective!
                                                                Happy Hustling

Saturday, February 3, 2018


                             Hello My Hustlers. Do I need to say anything else?


 Hello My Hustlers, Happy Saturday. Today I want to talk about one way that you can promote your business and that's through Videos. You know Facebook live video , YouTube etc.
Personally I have done YouTube to promote one of my passions but I found out unless you put out a video a week, you don't get to may subscribers to your channel. I was lazy and did not produce as many videos and I didn't get  a lot of people interested in my channel, But that's another story.

I have been watching Facebook live videos I have seen people talking about their life, selling pearls in a shell, selling clothing, comic books. preaching. My point to you is this you have a way to promote your business either through Facebook live or YouTube for free. All you have to do is set up an account.

A lot of people love doing videos and telling the world about themselves. I say only use these free services to promote something that will make you some $$ and to establish business relationships.

So do I think doing Videos for your business is a good ideas , you bet I do it's free, get's you out there and it helps you to think outside the box. So go make a video! Keep Hustling