Sunday, March 25, 2018


Hello My Hustlers, So today we are talking books. If your  looking for a sidehustle idea then  pick up one of these books. They have been recommended as giving good information when it comes to getting your sidehustle on. 
Some people are not sure what they want to do but they know they want to hustle for whatever reason. I say before you invest any money in to hustling.  Do your research and see what kind of hustle you would enjoy doing. Then once you find  what kind of  hustle you want to invest in then do it with a little bit of money. If your hustle takes off then you can start investing big money into it.  
I personally started my hustle with $20 bucks to see if I could make $50 from it. Which I did.
Read before you hustle
Happy Hustling 

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Places To Be

Hello My Hustlers today I wanted to talk about places to be. If your a hustlers that's selling merchandise and even your e books think about this. The spring and summer is just around the corner and you need places to be. I am talking about places likes flea markets, church events, Outdoor festivals. Anyplace that will produce a lot of people for your product and services.

I personally use to do flea markets in the summertime. As you can see the top picture is me and my flea market stand. Yea I had a lot of stuff back then.  Going the way of flea markets when it comes to selling is easy and yet hard work to. First you have to find a place to set up shop, see how much it will cost  you to set up.  Then you will have to  get up early in the morning to be there , set up and sell.   This is back breaking hard work but the rewards and the exposure can be great. I use to set up  my flea market stand on the weekends it cost me about $50 bucks for 2 days to set up and I would bring home about $200-250 a day. But that was back then.
Look into the flea market season and see if it's right for you and your products.  You will have to invest in supplies like a table , chair and table cloth  or see if you have any of these things at home. Saving you money in the process.

Also look at one day events like street fairs that offer vendors a space to sell. I must warn you that some events require you to have a Vendors licensed. Which is easy to get , It's free but you have to report  the taxes your collected on your business every three months.
Summer coming and the money and exposure is out there for you to get. What are you waiting for?
Happy Hustling

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Free Promotion

Hello My Hustlers, Today I want to talk to you about free promotions. Well one way that you can promote your hustle for free is with Facebook live. It's really simple and did I mention that it's FREE!. All you have to do is create a Facebook page for your hustle. Say your business/hustle is dog walking and your name is Steve. Then you would have a Facebook  business page for Steve's Dog Walking Services. Once you get your Facebook set up. You do some daily post about your services and about yourself.  Then you can start doing Facebook live post about your services. 

What I do is I use my phone  and record a video and then once I edit it I post it on my Facebook site. This is one way to get free advertisement and also a way to meet people. Did I mention that Facebook has over a billion people who use their services. That's a lot of potential customers for your business and people you can learn from regarding your business. If you can't use your phone to record a video you can also use your computer to.

Don't just get on your videos and promote your services they always say you have to teach people something to make them become interested in you and what your doing. How I learn what others are doing on Facebook live is that I look at other people's live broadcast and they showed me what and what not to do when it comes creating my video.

I am still in the process of building up my clients on my Facebook pages and working on building better videos but hey it's free so even if I mess up it won't cost me anything.
                                                                       Happy Hustling 

Saturday, March 10, 2018

My Plan

                                  Hello My Hustlers. How have you been?

I have a plan tell me what you think? I was looking at a new online store that I want to try but...
The cost of this store will be $10 to set it up. The good part about this online store is that  after the $10 is paid there will be no fees to pay. When someone buys from my online store with this company. All the profit that I make will be mine.  I will be paying a paypal fee because I will be using their services for this new online store. But other then that what I make I get to keep minus the paypal fee. Sounds good right.

My only problem is the $10. Where can I get it to start my new online store. I will be using coupons I figure if I can save $10 worth of  coupons. I will open my store. It might take a while because most of the coupons that I use are $1&.50 cents off. If I find any to use.

I could also do an extra mystery shop and use that money to start my online store. I could   use a lucky lotto win to finance it. Most of my lotto wins are about $4 bucks if I am luck I might win $10. I could also do surveys at $1 a survey and wait until I get $10 but that might take months. 

What my goal  with this new online store is to try and find a way to get my start up money without going into my pocket to do it. Funding from another source. I know your thinking it's only $10 use your own money , start it and try to recoup it from a sale of an item. I could do that  but what fun is that. When you hustle you have to think out of the box. What if I don't have the $10 to spare where would I get it from? I would have to think outside right? That it just what I am going to do I will keep you posted on how I got my $10 to start my new online store.
                                                                       Keep Hustling

Wednesday, March 7, 2018



Hello My Hustlers, Today we are talking about ways to Fund You Hustle. Here are some of my suggestions.  You have an idea and you need the money to get it started but your broker then a joke. So what do you do? 
 1. Use some of your income tax refund to fund it. Say about 5% of your refund check.
 2 Save your coins and use that money to fund it ( I saved $50 bucks in coins in a month)
 3 Borrow some money a small amount and make sure you pay it back
 4. Use the interest on your saving account and start your hustle
 3. Pick up and collect cans for the 5 cent deposit and  sell some stuff on line.
 4 Use your credit cards for  the small amount you will need.
 5  Work extra at your day job and use that money for your hustle.
 6. Get a part-time job and save that money for your business
 8  Look for government grants  that helps business with their start up
 9 Start your hustle  small so that way the money your looking for will not be that much.
 10. Crowdfunding seems like that's the new thing. Asking strangers for money to help you out.
11. Search for lost money. The state has unclaimed funds that might have your name on it. Search for the states unclaimed funds and check to see if they owe you a missing check. A friend of mine got  an insurance check from them that  he  had forgot about.

I am sure you can think of more creative ways to fund your hustle. Whatever it is just do it  and get your hustle going. Keep Hustling

Sunday, March 4, 2018


    Hello My Hustlers, Wanted to share a true quote with you today. 
Happy Hustling