Thursday, April 26, 2018


 Hello My Hustlers, How's it going today? Let's talk about dealing with customers. Weather you have a online business or a offline business one . You have to deal with customers. without customers you have no business.  Some customer will be a pleasure to work with and then there are these

nightmare customers.  I will share a personal nightmare  customer story with you that I had. I was selling stuff online and I happen to have this customer who wanted to purchase a doll that I was selling. We emailed back and forth this customer wanted to know everything and I mean everything about this doll. Finally the person purchased the doll from me. When the customer got the doll she was not happy with it and stated that she wanted a refund. I agreed to the refund less the shipping and commission price. When the doll came back to me it was not the same doll I had send her.  The doll I got back  was of less quality then what I sent . When I spoke to the customer about it. She went right to PayPal to start a dispute against me. After trying to work with her and being nice . She still tried to do me wrong. But in the end I won the fight.

No matter what you do in business your going to come across people who will lie and cheat you if you let them. Be prepared to fight the good fight with them and always try and cover your products and your A** by making sure that you use PayPal and their protection policy or a company like it.

In business like in life some people you come across will try and get over. Don't let them!

                                                               Keep Hustling

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Free Marketing

Hello My Hustlers, How's your hustle going? Well today we are talking about free marketing ideas for your business. I was reading a book called Guerilla Marketing and they had some marketing tips I wanted to share with you so here it is....

1.Use A Toll Free Number for your business. I know it might cost you a little bit of money but when your hustle starts to roll in the money it's something to think about.

2.Free ads in local shoppers newspapers. I used to get the Pennysaver and my local community papers sometimes they will let you put in an ad for free or for a little cost. It might be worth it if the cost is small and the circulation reaches thousands of people.

3.Get a window display for your car with the name and number of your business and everywhere you go people will see it.

4 Form relationships in groups and chat rooms on line, Your there to make contacts not to sell. You never know what people in groups and chatrooms have to offer that will  help your business. 

5. Post your business on internet bulletin boards, Give them a little teaser and see what happens.

6.Get involved with a club or association again not to just promote your business but to learn about other people and their business. See how you can benefit them and they you. You might just learn some things.

7. Be a guest. See if you can be a guest on a podcast show. Teach  them something while promoting your services or products.

8. If you have a compelling and interesting story to tell write it up and send it out to the newspapers. they are always looking for interesting business stories to feature and that's a way to get free publicity just for telling your story.

9. Create a webinar  around your business and teach people something about it. While promoting your product  or service .

10. E newsletters. Do people still do these? Ok you can create a 1 page newsletter around your product and service. Make it interesting so that people want to check out your webpage.

Ok you got me some of these ideas you might need a little bit of money to do and some are totally free. You just have to decide for yourself which ones will give you the most bang for your buck and the best results for your time.

                                                       Keep Hustling  

Saturday, April 14, 2018

How to Make Money with a Side Hustle and Your Skills

Hello My Hustlers, How are you today? I wanted to share with you a video on side hustles. This guy makes some great Videos on marketing and hustling. Enjoy
                                               Happy Hustling

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Using Coupons

Hello My Hustlers, Today we are talking about coupons. I know most of you think that coupons are mainly used for food products and pharmacy stuff. Well think again, you can use coupons to save money on your business.  For example I use to use Fivvers that's a platform where people sell their services like Making you  Facebook, twitter, youtube banner, promoting your website for you, Making you T shirts, making  commercials, Graphic art  whatever they are talented in for $5. Now it's a bit more then the $5,  anyways I use to get coupons in the mail where if I would spend $10 on services then I would get $5 back. A saving of $5

Staples is a good place to get coupons. If you need office supplies  especially ink which I find ink for my printer to be very expensive. Then wait for a coupon and buy your ink then or whatever office supplies you might need.

Sometimes I see GoDaddy and other website platforms offer coupons of 99cents to make and host your .com.  Now That's A Great Bargain for a business.

I have gotten coupon in the mail for Vista Prints 30% off their products. Which I have used for my business cards and getting promotional items for almost free.

If you taking people out to dinner and it's business related look for restaurant coupons like Outback steak House, Red Lobster . Olive Gardens Heck even Pizza Places with great coupon deals will work. Remember it's all about saving the money when it comes to your business.

If you look on line  and in your local papers you  see there are a few coupons that would benefit your business or service.These are some suggestions, so when you get coupons just take a look at them you never know what coupons you could use to benefit your business.
                                                          Happy Hustling 

Monday, April 2, 2018


Hello My Hustlers, It's a New Month time to start planning and preparing to take your hustle to the next level or to maintain your steady flow. The choice is yours. Happy Hustling