Monday, June 25, 2018


                                     Hello My Hustlers, how's your hustle going?

Yesterday I happen to be watching the pride parade in New York and they had over 1 million people in attendance and thousands in the parade. This is the summer and a lot of parades will be going on. This is a good opportunity for you. First let me say that while I was watching the pride parade there were people hustling the Pride flags and all kind of pride stuff. Keyword is hustle
There was so many people in one place this again was an opportunity...

With so many people focus on one thing  the parade and having a good time. All you have to do is print some fliers or postcards  about your products or services and make them relatable to your audience.  Say your at the pride parade and your hustle is selling a service. let's say web design so you have a flier that features some web designs that are universal for the straight and pride community. You give your fliers, postcard some color and then you stand in a nice cool place and hand them out. Be warned  you might see your fliers on the floor  because people will look at it and they might throw in on the ground. When that happen to me I picked up my flier and dusted it off and handed  it to another person. Hey that's my money on the  floor. If the flier is still good why not.

 You have so many people that you might not other wise see what could it hurt, The event was free and all it will cost you is transportation money, money for the fliers and your time. But if you can get some customers out of it won't it be worth what you have spend to do it?

                                                        Happy Hustling

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Thursday Funny

                               Sometimes you need to take a minute from your hustle and laugh
                                                         Happy Hustling

Monday, June 18, 2018

To Much

                                  Hello My Hustlers, How The Hustle Going?

Are you trying to do to many things for your hustle and getting no where fast? That's me I try to do to many things for my many hustles and end up nowhere. Whatever you hustle is you know that you can do so much in the time that you have allotted for your hustle. If you only have 3-5 hours for your hustle go over what's working for the hustle and what's not. If advertising is working then find other places that you can advertise your hustle. If giving out free samples is not bring you in new customer or money then let that go .It's just that simple. Time is  something  that we can not get back and by using your time with your hustle wisely. You can get more out of it.
Believe me I have tried most of what I am telling you when it comes to getting more attention for my hustle. Some worked for me some  didn't and the ones that did not I still wasted time by not admitting to myself that what I was doing was  not working.

You are only one person with a full time job, family, friends and other things that you have to do in life. Your hustle time might  be limited. So work on the areas of your hustle that either produce more customers or more money. Here's a personal story when it comes to my hustle. One of my hustles I was doing was podcasting about it. I love doing podcast. I did it for 10 years and had  a couple thousand people who listen to me.  I made some money  with my podcast to which was nice. Then  I switched over to YouTube Nothing no followers, no money no nothing. YouTube did not work for me but my podcast did. People and money wize.  All I am saying is when it comes to your hustle give up what's not working and work on what does work.

                                                                 Happy Hustling

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Difficult People

                                  Hello My Hustlers  how's your hustle going?

Please don't get offended by the picture but I came across it yesterday and I thought sometimes with difficult customers this is what I want to do to them (LOL). Because I want to remain a  professional  I listen to their complaint's and comments and I try and correct what the problem is . If I can. Something people want to much for free. So I just wanted to share this with you to see if you feel the same way at times when you come across difficult people in your hustle.

                                                             Happy Hustling

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Bookeeping Simple

                                  Hello My Hustles, How Your Hustle Going?

Bookkeeping for the hustler. I dislike bookkeeping but you have to do it. If you don't keep your books how will you know where your monies going and if your making money or not.
Here's what I do since bookkeeping is really not my thing. I get a simple ledger book called Accounts Worksheet book ( that what I use) or a small black and white notebook works just as well  Which ever is cheaper. Check your 99 cent store or Staples  out sometimes they have a sale on ledger books the small ones. The ones with all the lines it. If not get a simple black and white books and draw your own lines.
                                                         Here's what I do 

My First column for  my hustle expenses in that I would put  what it cost me in supplies,  gas money, bus fare, event fees, advertising fees, online fees etc.

My Second Column would be the  money I made from my hustle.

My Third column would be how much I spend on merchandise. Since I run online stores I purchase merchandise for them. If you have a service business you might still need to buy merchandise for giveaways or to sell as part of  the service that you provide.

On the top of my  Bookkeeping page I put in my budget for my hustle. Since I started this $20 hustle I put $20 on the top of my page  With the word budget next to it. But we all know I have went way over that already. Put in a realistic budget say $50-100 to start your hustle. Between advertising and merchandise and other misc. it will cost your about that much to start.
If you can't afford that then read my other post on how to make your hustle money to start your hustle.

Just keep your books so that when the end of the year or you can check your books every 6 months that's up to you. You just need to have a realistic idea of where your at with your hustle. By keeping your books in order you will know if your hustle is profitable, how much money your spend on it and if you might need a new hustle. It also shows you where you need to make some changes when it comes to spending to much in one category versus spending to little in another.

        As long as you keep hustle books  do what works for you and keep hustling.
                                                         Happy Hustling

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

I Like It

             Hello My Hustlers, Do I need to say anything more? I love this Hustle Quote.

                                                        Happy Hustling

Sunday, June 3, 2018


Hello My Hustlers, How's your Hustle Going?

It's summertime and the hustle might be slow. So here's some suggestions of what you can do when that happens.

1. Take inventory  of what physical products you have. What's selling and what's not selling. the stuff that's selling keep the slow sellers make a yardsale box and put them in to it. You might not make the money back that your purchased for the item but at least you will make something on it. If you have a service business find out  what area or part of your service is not doing well that you offer and get rid of it.

2. Look over your hustler's budget and see what your overspending or underspending on. If your spending to much on advertising and not getting the results  you want then cut the advertising budget. Spending to much on travel , stationary,  or not spending enough with face to face meeting  or networking events.  Always keep a budget and try to stay under it as best as possible.

3. Look for free stuff that will enhance your hustle. Free advertising, outdoor events, networking events, free classes, free food. The summer offers a lot of free events take advantage and get to hustling.

4. Find out what works for you. How many hustles do you have 1,2,3,4. Look at your many hustles which ones are making you money. Stick to the money makers and lose the loser hustles. Put more energy and time in to your winning hustles. These  should be the ones  you enjoy the most as well.

5. Preparing. Since summer is my slow months,  I try and prepare for my fall season which is my most busiest months. I make sure that I have all my hustle materials and products that I need for a the fall. I don't want to get caught short with more business and no inventory. So prepare yourself so that you won't run short when a customer needs something.

6. It's summer take a minute to  enjoy it. Walk away from your hustle for a day or two.  This gives you a chance to clear your head . So that when you do get back to your hustle  you will have fresh ideas and  new ways to expand your hustle. Enjoy good old summertime.

                                                            Happy Hustling