Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Don't Even Think About It!!!

                                                Hello My Hustlers, How's the Hustle?

 Your tired, feel like your hustle is a waste of time and money, Nobody is buying from you, you don't have the faith you once did when you started your hustle? Does all that sound like you right now? Well think about this Don't Even think about stopping your Hustle!!!  You can change the hustle your doing,  Re think your old hustle making new ways to attract people and helping it grow. But don't think about quitting.  But do think about this if Jeff Bezos  stopped his hustle of selling books on line  back in the early days of  Amazon. Would amazon be as big as it is now?  Yes that's a picture of  the beginning of Amazon. Think about how big your hustle could and will be if you never give up.  I am sure most people who hustle go through trying times and face the good, bad and really ugly but they press on because they love what they do and they believe in it.  So keep your hustle alive and    keep it moving.

                                                                  Happy Hustling 

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

This I Like

                               Hello My Hustlers, Here's a Good  Hustle quote for you.

                                                                     Happy Hustling

Sunday, July 22, 2018

What About This...

                                            Hello My Hustlers. How's the hustle going?

 I was thinking and hear me out before you say anything. Regarding your hustle. I love my yard sales and I go to them in the summer months. What I have seen at yard sales are brand new printers, office supplies, computers, ipads, cameras, video recorders. books, briefcases, lockboxes  etc. Now your hustling and you need stuff to continue the hustle. Say you need a new printer but can not afford to buy it at full price. Ever think about yard sales? They offer pennies on the dollar for stuff. I have seen printers go for as little as $10. Computers $25, video cameras updated ones $5.  Things that you might need for you hustle why pay retail when you can buy it cheap at yard sales and flea markets.

I personally have purchased ink for my computer, pens, pads and phone headset cheap. Less then they would have cost me in a retail store.   Remember your hustling that means you have a budget and paying retail is not in the budget.  Sometimes people have yard sales and  give you  free  stuff because they just want to get rid of it. Also think about your hustle and if you offer your customers free gifts. Why not shop for them at yardsales. Since I sell books on line I always looks for nice gifts in relations to books to giveaway to my customers. They appreciate it, it cost me next to nothing to buy it and I might get a referral from that customer. Who knows.

I know your hustle might be a service or selling stuff, but what could it hurt if you pass a yard sale to stop and see what the person is offering you might find some good stuff cheap.

I also  shop yard sales when I go away on trips if I need nice luggage, music for my cd player, travel cups whatever I need for a trip. I have found some nice dresses that I was eyeing for $50 each  in a retail store at a yardsale for $1 each.   I wear them when I go to networking events for my hustle.

                                                                 Happy Hustling

Thursday, July 19, 2018


                                            Hello My Hustlers, How's the Hustle Going?

Let's talk about being bored with our hustle. You started a hustle on the side your are  excited. Your   doing all you can to get it off the ground. After a few months or maybe even a year  you have done all you can with your hustle. You get bored with it. Does this sound like you. I know this is me to a T. I get bored easily and if my hustles don't work fast enough for me I move on to another hustle. Because let's be truthful not every hustle will work, Sometimes you have to keep  trying different hustles until one pops. 

 If you like your hustle and you still want to give it time to see if  you can build it to something great . Here are some of my suggestions so that you will not get bored with your hustle  while doing it.

1. Add something to your hustle that interest you. Ex; I sell books on line but I also like coffee  which goes with books. So what I did was I added selling coffee with my book shop on line. I also write articles about crazy coffees . This adds to my online business and it a new outlet that helps me not get bored with my hustle.

2. Take a group of friends out to lunch and ask them what kind of crazy promotions they would offer if they had a hustle like yours. You will get two things out of doing this  a fun day with friends and some new hustle promotional ideas.

3 Keep In Touch with those who support you, Your parents, friends , brothers, sisters. People who love you and support you no matter what. Sometimes when you hustle you forget that their are people who love you  no matter what your doing

4 Learn a new skill for your current hustle or a new  hustle  you have in mind. It's never to late to learn something new. Learning something always takes ways boredom  and replaces it with excitement.

5 It's ok walk away from your hustle for minute to regroup. Get out of the house go for a walk. See a movie, concert or a comedy show.   Go have some fun and laugh.  After a day or so come back to your hustle with fresh eyes and new ideas.

                       These are some suggestions to combat boredom when your hustling.

                                                             Happy Hustling

Monday, July 16, 2018

I-Team: Get A Money-Making Side Hustle


 Hello My Hustlers, I found this  and  thought it would be interesting to share with you. I know some of the ideas are old but it will still get you to think out of the box to maybe come up with something new or a twist on a old favorite for your first or maybe even you second hustle.
                                                                   Happy Hustling

Friday, July 13, 2018

Happy Friday

                                       Wishing all My Hustlers A Happy Friday

                                                                Keep Hustling

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Summer Slowdown

                                         Hello My Hustlers, How's the Hustle Going?

For some summer is the best time for them because  their hustle is based on the summer months. Like a Mr  Soffee's ice cream  truck coming around selling ice cream in the neighborhood. He/she could only do this in the summer. Or like Cony Island  in Brooklyn they can only open in the warmer months. Because the winter is not ideal in New York to ride rides and be outside. The point I am making is some hustles make there money in a short period of time and some hustles die or shall I say slow down in the summer months. I have a few online stores and during the summer they are slooooow. But in the fall they pick back up again. So if you have a hustle like mine. While your slow these are some of the things that you can do for your hustle.

1. Brainstorm new ideas that will enhance and improve your  hustle. If your thinking about  adding something new to your hustle try it for the summer and see if it will work. Make sure your not putting a lot of money in to this new project remember it's only a trial.

2. I know I talked about social media and your hustle should be on it. But if there's a platform that you feel would enhance your hustle and your not on it . Give it a try and see what happens.

3.“Summer-ize” Your Marketing Think of creative ways to incorporate summer themes into your marketing, such as blog posts, Facebook updates, newsletters, events, and more. Give your readers good summer content like grilling recipes, your summer reading list, or summer pet care tips. If applicable, you could even treat your top clients to a summer activity like golf, a baseball game, summer wine tasting, lunchtime barbecue, et Make this small and affordable. 

4. Set Time Aside for Yourself As an entrepreneur, you’ve probably gotten used to working round the clock. Your clients and customers are taking vacation, so maybe you should to. Whether you take a two-week beach vacation or just make a point to set aside an hour to do something you enjoy every day, remember that it’s important to recharge your batteries in order to stay focused and motivated throughout the year.

5 Get Out of your comfort zone and make new connections. Like I stated before parades, concerts, festivals are all summer events. Take advantage of them have some fun and get out and meet new people for your hustle.

                                                              Happy Hustling

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Happy 4th

             Hello My Hustlers, Happy 4th Be Safe, Be Happy &  Keep Hustling 

Sunday, July 1, 2018

I Like These

                                                     Happy Hustling