Thursday, September 27, 2018

Hello October

Hello My Hustlers. Just a great hustle quote to keep you motivated for your upcoming Hustle Challenges for October.

                                                                Happy Hustling

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Get Ready

                                         Hello My Hustlers, How that Hustle Going?

This Sunday is the first day of Autumn and it Ready, Set ,Go Time when it come to Hustle Season. The summer was ok but the fall is when you get to really working for the dollar. I mean fall is when people are in the mood to buy more. The reason is the holiday season is coming up. Holiday checks are in the mail and people feel the need to spend more then they did for the summer.  With that in mind you should be ready for them to spend their money your way.

If you have an online business are you getting things ready like putting out new merchandise on your site, advertising , giving your local customer free gifts or discounts. This is the same if you have a service business. Are you looking into places that you can set up shop for the holiday season like churches, lions clubs, women's functions etc. Are you also ready to do a Facebook live sell. To sell your products and services. All I am saying is it's time to get ready and get that holiday money.

I have personally found that the fall and winter are my best months for making money. Summer not so much.  I even spend more money in the fall months then I do in the summer. Not sure why just I do.

So start your engines, Get ready , Get set and Start hustling hard for the fall and winter. The money is out there you just have to go get it.

                                                                 Happy Hustling

Monday, September 17, 2018

Going Out Of Business

 Hello My hustlers, how's the hustle going? Going out of business is it a good thing for a hustler or a bad thing? I am not talking about you going out of business I am talking about other companies. Let's say that Sears which it is  going out of business. Slowly every week they are marking down their prices on the stuff they sell even the store  fixtures and furniture. Do you take advantage of the great prices you can get on say a mannequin if your selling clothing. Do you take advantage of the cheap file cabinets that the store might have. I say yes. Depending on what your hustle is and if you have room for it.

If your hustling say clothing and you can find some really good deals and you can re-sell them why not. If you can find things that you can give as thank you gifts in  going out of business sales, why not. If you can get supplies or furniture that you need for dirt cheap at these kinda sales why not.

We all think  when we see going out of business sales clothing and stuff. We never consider the office supplies, office furniture and other stables that we might need to set up our hustle offices that we can get cheap.

I have  been in a Sears that was going out of business they were selling their office furniture, calculators, computers,  mannequin's, store tables and  shelves, display cases all at 70% off.

For my hustlers out there don't sleep on going out of business sales you never know what you can grab for your hustle that is good, needed and cheap.

                                                            Happy Hustling

Monday, September 10, 2018


                                 Hello My Hustlers, how's the Hustle going Today?

Today we are talking about failures. Well mine anyway. The things that I have tried over the years that just did not work for me any more.

                                     Flea Markets- I was in the flea market business for 5 years in the beginning it worked. I had places that I would set up on the weekends and the money was good. But the work was hard and stressful. You had to find a place to work, pay the fee for the weekend, set up your stand and hope that people would buy from you.  Sometimes you made money and something you didn't but it was work never the less. The expenses in the end did not justify all the hard work you had to do. Plus you were a slave to the weather if it was nice you worked, rainy you didn't. Summer months  you would sweat to death and get sunburn if it was very hot. The fall was nice to work outside and the holidays mad it easy to sell But the winter months were inside. If you could find a place inside to set up in the winter months to sell . Basically these were church events that had holiday flea markets.

                                      Multi-level Marketing- Back when that was the thing. I sold lingerie and pleasure toys. It was fun at first but again the expense of gas for the car, advertising, buying merchandise and gift giveaways was eating up my profits. Not to mention that you had to find the people to have  home parties, travel all over the place, set up your display in people's home. Not knowing how people are living and  hope your  hostess invited enough people so that you could make some money. For me most of the time it was more of a house party then a selling one.  This was all before social media became so popular.

                                  Selling Books- I love books and I use to buy them in bulk and sell them to my co-workers and people who like to read. Again before social media and the internet took off. I use to get the books at a discount and sell them for a profit. Until the returns on the books were costing me  more then  it was worth. So the profits were lost. I stop selling books.

                                     Avon Lady- this was a bad ideas because I am not a make up person. But for a $10 start up I had to try. I never realized how many Avon people were selling at my job and other places. The competition was to stiff and the profit that you made was to little to keep it up. Also trying to get customers was not an easy task and I really did not believe in what I was selling so I stopped.

 Nowadays I just sell on line in my stores and my T shirt company. They are doing ok but at least I am not spending a lot of time setting up and wishing  on good weather. I just put my stuff out , advertise like crazy, offer discounts, incentive and hope that people will buy something. The best thing is the pressure is not there like the other side hustles I have had. Well these were my failures all I can say is keep trying and keep hustling.

                                                                Happy Hustling 

Monday, September 3, 2018

Monday Funny

                                         Hello My Hustlers. How The Hustle Going?
 Just wanted to say Happy Monday and it back to the Hustle on Tuesday. Have A great Hustle Week.

                                                              Happy Hustling