Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween

Hello my Hustlers, How's the Hustle?

Happy Halloween. I just wanted to share with you how creative you can be with your ads when it comes to the holidays. Ok these two might be done professionally but you get the idea. Incorporate holidays into your ads. So that you can grab the attention of people  who might not know about your products or services. Need I mention the holidays are coming up and this is the time to start really making your money. So what are you waiting for??

Happy Hustling

Wednesday, October 24, 2018


                                           Hello my Hustlers, How's The Hustle Going?

I know that everybody talks about Shark Tank to death, well think about it. When you watch it you do get inspired to start a business. You also realize what it takes to run a real business, the money, dedication and the ups and downs. This programs teaches you in someways weather or not you want the troubles and the uncertainty of starting a company. In so many words it makes your hustle look good, why I say that is this.

When you hustle on the side if you fail at it you will not lose a lot of money because you only invested what you could afford into it.

You are putting only your sweat  equity into your hustle with maybe a little bit of cash that you are getting from your full-time job.

You are testing the water of an ideas you have with your side hustle to see if it works ,not going gung-ho fulltime. So your hustle still allows you to keep a full-time job while trying your hustle  ideas out .

Your side hustles since it is small  allows you to change it up with out the added expenses of trying to make it bigger then what it is.

Your side hustle allows you to be responsible for yourself and no one else. You are the side hustles only employee. So you don't need to deal with salaries and other things like you would a big company. 

Your side hustle allows you to have two side hustles because one might not be enough and  two allows you to see which ideas work better for you and brings you in the most money.

You just might not want a big company you like you little side hustles. It fits you needs and it brings you the money you need with out all the hassle that running a big company brings.

So yes The Shark Tank is great for ideas and inspiration, but a side hustle is just as good as a big company. Go Side Hustle!

                                                              Happy Hustling

Friday, October 19, 2018


Hello My Hustlers, How the Hustle going? I might have talked about this before but it bears repeating FB live. This is a great tool to use to promote your hustle. Did I mention it was free. All you have to do is set up a Business or Fan page post some thing about your hustle and about you to. Now think about what you want your Fb live video to be about. Hint it should be about your hustle. I have seen where people sell clothing, jewelry, crystal stones. pearls. they Dj, sing songs, have books and comic book auctions. People are creative when they do Fb live shows and some are not. But that's ok your doing it to introduce your hustle to people and you are also introducing yourself.
This is a great tool to use to help you get out of your hustle comfort zone and try and connect to the people that you are selling to who you might not otherwise be able to connect to because they live in different states or even countries for that matter.. 
If you a person like myself that doesn't like to let people see me face to face ( I am more of a podcast person) then why not  dress up in a silly wig or outfit that way you can still promote your stuff and feel comfortable with the character you have created. I once  saw where a person on FB live that  did a scary clown segment. He talked about all things scary and crazy in full scary clown make up. It was funny.  He also happen to be working for a scary production company which he was promoting.
The main point is that you utilize all the free advertisement you can get so that you can generate new customer for your hustle.
My advise look at Fb live if you have not already and see what I am talking about. You might get some good ideas from it. What have you got to lose. But doing it you might just gain a couple thousand new customers for you hustle. Hey a couple hundred would be good to.
Happy Hustling  

Saturday, October 13, 2018


                                            Hello My Hustlers. How's the Hustle Going?

Teach, I know your saying What!!! I said Teach . Have you ever thought about teaching? You can put together a simple online course say for one day and you can teach people a little something about your hustle. Give them a little tease so that they want to come back for more.  For example if you make cakes you can create a course on how to say do a funny looking cupcake. If you sell clothing  teach people what accessories go with certain clothing. If you sell vintage toys like I do give them a quick history on how to properly clean their toys . You get the idea.

You have a skill that will allow you to teach others how to do something. You don't have to have a 10 week course, you can make it a 1 day 30 minute thing.  Once you finish teaching them see what the response is like. If people like it do another course but this time if your selling e books or something incorporate what your selling at the end of the course like this. "Hey I have an e book that will get in detailed about this at ….. ." Or if you would like  the clothing or accessories that I just showed you can contact me at..... you get the idea. When you teach don't make it a commercial really teach people something and at the end just sneak in where they can find your stuff online.

This is another way to get your hustle to people who would not know you and also teach them something that they never really realized they had an interest into before you started teaching it. Teaching is a way to promote your hustle and extend your client base think about it better yet teach it.

                                                                Happy Hustling

Monday, October 8, 2018

TURNING £1 into £££ in LONDON! (Day #1)


                                      Hello My Hustlers, How's the Hustle going?

 Happy Columbus Day. Well  here's a video I wanted to share with a guy who know's how to hustle for the $$. He has some good ideas. But ok he's young and certain things he can do. That has a older person you might not want to do  But the motivation and thinking outside of the box is there and that's what I want you to see.

                                                                Happy Hustling

Monday, October 1, 2018

Hustle Themes

Hello My Hustlers. How's the Hustle going?

Theme Hustles?? I know this might sound a bit off but bare with me for a moment. You know how people have theme parties. Why not incorporate that idea to you hustle or service. I use to sell lingerie & romance toys at home parties and when the holidays like Columbus Day, Halloween came around. I thought of  ways I could incorporate that holiday with a party ideas  or use the holiday to promote my business. For example for Columbus day I had a idea like Sail Away into the unknown with this great lingerie pieces that I am sure Columbus would approve of. You know something like that. For my party ideas I would dress up in a scary outfit for Halloween.  I would also decorate my lingerie table with say Halloween items & offer scary Halloween promotions to get more customers to buy. You get  the idea.

Use the holidays to boost your hustle. People like to be entertained and have fun around  the holidays . So think of something that is cute but a customer grabber. Maybe on your facebook page  say something like the person that buys whatever your offering and post a scary picture of themselves or their pets will win a gift certificate to?? or a percentage off their next order with me. Something like that.

Be creative and think about how you want to attract people around a themed idea. There are so many holidays coming up in the next couple of months your bound to think of something.

Happy Hustling