Friday, October 19, 2018


Hello My Hustlers, How the Hustle going? I might have talked about this before but it bears repeating FB live. This is a great tool to use to promote your hustle. Did I mention it was free. All you have to do is set up a Business or Fan page post some thing about your hustle and about you to. Now think about what you want your Fb live video to be about. Hint it should be about your hustle. I have seen where people sell clothing, jewelry, crystal stones. pearls. they Dj, sing songs, have books and comic book auctions. People are creative when they do Fb live shows and some are not. But that's ok your doing it to introduce your hustle to people and you are also introducing yourself.
This is a great tool to use to help you get out of your hustle comfort zone and try and connect to the people that you are selling to who you might not otherwise be able to connect to because they live in different states or even countries for that matter.. 
If you a person like myself that doesn't like to let people see me face to face ( I am more of a podcast person) then why not  dress up in a silly wig or outfit that way you can still promote your stuff and feel comfortable with the character you have created. I once  saw where a person on FB live that  did a scary clown segment. He talked about all things scary and crazy in full scary clown make up. It was funny.  He also happen to be working for a scary production company which he was promoting.
The main point is that you utilize all the free advertisement you can get so that you can generate new customer for your hustle.
My advise look at Fb live if you have not already and see what I am talking about. You might get some good ideas from it. What have you got to lose. But doing it you might just gain a couple thousand new customers for you hustle. Hey a couple hundred would be good to.
Happy Hustling  

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