Wednesday, October 24, 2018


                                           Hello my Hustlers, How's The Hustle Going?

I know that everybody talks about Shark Tank to death, well think about it. When you watch it you do get inspired to start a business. You also realize what it takes to run a real business, the money, dedication and the ups and downs. This programs teaches you in someways weather or not you want the troubles and the uncertainty of starting a company. In so many words it makes your hustle look good, why I say that is this.

When you hustle on the side if you fail at it you will not lose a lot of money because you only invested what you could afford into it.

You are putting only your sweat  equity into your hustle with maybe a little bit of cash that you are getting from your full-time job.

You are testing the water of an ideas you have with your side hustle to see if it works ,not going gung-ho fulltime. So your hustle still allows you to keep a full-time job while trying your hustle  ideas out .

Your side hustles since it is small  allows you to change it up with out the added expenses of trying to make it bigger then what it is.

Your side hustle allows you to be responsible for yourself and no one else. You are the side hustles only employee. So you don't need to deal with salaries and other things like you would a big company. 

Your side hustle allows you to have two side hustles because one might not be enough and  two allows you to see which ideas work better for you and brings you in the most money.

You just might not want a big company you like you little side hustles. It fits you needs and it brings you the money you need with out all the hassle that running a big company brings.

So yes The Shark Tank is great for ideas and inspiration, but a side hustle is just as good as a big company. Go Side Hustle!

                                                              Happy Hustling

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