Saturday, October 13, 2018


                                            Hello My Hustlers. How's the Hustle Going?

Teach, I know your saying What!!! I said Teach . Have you ever thought about teaching? You can put together a simple online course say for one day and you can teach people a little something about your hustle. Give them a little tease so that they want to come back for more.  For example if you make cakes you can create a course on how to say do a funny looking cupcake. If you sell clothing  teach people what accessories go with certain clothing. If you sell vintage toys like I do give them a quick history on how to properly clean their toys . You get the idea.

You have a skill that will allow you to teach others how to do something. You don't have to have a 10 week course, you can make it a 1 day 30 minute thing.  Once you finish teaching them see what the response is like. If people like it do another course but this time if your selling e books or something incorporate what your selling at the end of the course like this. "Hey I have an e book that will get in detailed about this at ….. ." Or if you would like  the clothing or accessories that I just showed you can contact me at..... you get the idea. When you teach don't make it a commercial really teach people something and at the end just sneak in where they can find your stuff online.

This is another way to get your hustle to people who would not know you and also teach them something that they never really realized they had an interest into before you started teaching it. Teaching is a way to promote your hustle and extend your client base think about it better yet teach it.

                                                                Happy Hustling

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