Friday, December 21, 2018

Let Them Know

Hello My Hustlers, How the hustle going? Here's a thought to the 20 dollar challenge I told you about of just to add to your ongoing hustle. Let them know and represent you. If you have customers that like your stuff then why not make up T shirts with your hustle  name or slogan on them ( it's free) and let your customers represent you.
If your doing the $20 dollar challenge with me then once you get a hustle idea  this is one of the ways you can use once you get your customers to promote your hustle. Again did I mention it's all free.
I use Zazzle which is a commission based company you set up a store, do you own design and promote it to your customers.  You get a commission on the items you sell and you set the prices that you want to sell your items for. Using Zazzle is easy and It's free did I mention that.
I have seen where hustlers and Youtubers etc have open up Zazzle store and have put their company or themselves on a t shirt and their followers have purchased them because they like them so much.
I will be honest you might not make a zillion dollars with this but it's free and a way to let people who like you represent you in a fun way.
As you can see I use it myself for my hustle Cheap Cheetah and my online Bookstore. It's just another way for me to make a buck for my hustle.

Happy Hustling

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