Saturday, December 15, 2018

Think About....

 Hello My Hustlers, How the hustle going?

I know your busy right now with the holiday season and your busy doing your hustle. But once January comes around and when things slow down think about this. If you have spare time think about doing surveys for the gift cards? Why would I do that you ask?  Because gift cards would allow you to buy stuff for your hustle without using any money from your hustle. All your doing is spending your time to get gift cards to use toward your hustle expense.  That's better then using your money. That you might not have.
If the survey offer you money then great use that money to fund your hustle to. As long as it doesn't come out of your hustle funds then it's a win win in my book. Think about it.
Also if you get a chance go to the library and see if they have books on how you can improve your hustle for 2019. I am sure there are books in marketing, social media and the likes that will help you understand and market your hustle better for 2019.
I always tell you take every opportunity to learn your hustle and to make it better.

Happy Hustling 

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