Sunday, May 19, 2019

Seen It

                                             Hello  My Hustlers, How's the Hustle going?

 I have seen it and I am here to tell you about it. It's yard sale/garage sale/flea market season. Yesterday I was out yard sailing and I came across this lady selling  Paparazzi  jewelry  at this community yard sale. I looked at the jewelry it was nice but what she did was better. This women is running a business/hustle and she is out their promoting her stuff in  her community yard sale. 

You can do the same thing if you or your friends are having a yardsale this year then put out your stuff. If you have a service business  put out a sample of what you do on a table with your business cards or fliers. People who go to yard sale not only look for interesting things to buy they also look for interesting stuff  to see and talk about, which equals free promotion for your hustle.

It's hustle season get out there enjoy the nice weather and show people what your hustle is all about.

                                                                     Happy Hustling

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

When To Say

                                            Hello My Hustlers, How's the hustle going?

When your hustling when do you say it's not worth it anymore? I look at a lot of YouTube videos about people selling on Amazon. I am talking big resellers who spend thousands of dollars on merchandise to sell big on amazon. These videos show you all the good stuff and not the bad stuff. Like the returns that get rejected that are shipped back to you from amazon. The crazy rules that you have to go by just to sell on amazon. The  money you have to spend  to make any kind of  decent money from them. I am not talking just selling I am talking even if you have a service business the crap that you have to put up with sometimes. I am a fan of the judge programs and I have seen service business get sued for the craziest things. I mean sometimes is it worth it?

Yes we like our hustle but we have to be smart about it and realize certain things are not worth it. Let's not talk about the stress and aggravation that comes with our hustle. All I am saying is look at your hustle be smart about it, make money from it and let your hustle be worth it.

                                                                     Happy Hustling

Thursday, May 9, 2019


 Hello My Hustlers, How's the Hustle 

Asking for money for your hustle would you do it? Places like Patron, Gofundme, KickerStarter, places that ask strangers to send in a donation to a cause , project or just because I need money. Would you use these service  to finance your hustle?

I have seen many business on Shark Tank that have used crowdfunding sites to launch their business. Some were very successful . But if you are already working and have a little side hustle would it be right to ask strangers to fund your hustle for you? when you could easily put some of the money that you make from your job toward your hustle.

Personally I say there are other ways that you can fund you hustle without outright begging from strangers. If you look at my old posting I give you some good ideas on how to fund your hustle. Hey most of the stuff you need to get your hustle started or promoted is free . So why ask for money from strangers if you don't have to? You could say because I don't have the extra money or the time to take on anymore jobs. I just have time for my full-time job and my hustle and all my paycheck is accounted for. You might say because people love me and will give me money. I say to you oh really?

What fun is the hustle without the experiences of the highs and lows of funding it, struggling with it and making it success all your own without people saying I helped you do that by giving you money. Your hustle is all you so make it with out the help from strangers money and one day you will be shouting I did it on my own!

                                                                      Happy Hustling

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Good Quote

                                            To all My Hustlers, Love this quote. Happy May

                                                                 Happy Hustling

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Love This

Hello my Hustlers, How's the Hustle?

Love this quote something to think about and live by.....

Happy Hustling

Wednesday, April 24, 2019


                                              Hello  My Hustlers, How's The Hustle Going?

Podcasting I love it. Podcasting is like having your own radio show. You create a show and talk about  things that interest you  to your listeners. I had a show for years on blogtalk radio. I loved it but when blog talk radio got to be $240 a year I was out. But I am  getting back to podcasting for my $20 side hustle challenge. I set up a free website 5 minute money on  simple site for free. Now I have set up my podcast for free on speaker. But!!! With speaker you only get 5 hours of talking for free anything else you have to pay for. I think if I get enough people I would use the $7 dollars a month plan. ( I am a cheapskate and trying to start this hustle with 20 bucks only) I know you asking how am I going to make money with podcasting? Easy it's about advertising your business to more people then you might meet where  you live . Hustling over the airways I will call it.

You can talk about the things you enjoy talking about relating to your hustle. Make your show fun and informative. Then you can let people know about your website  that's where you sell them your
e- books, t shirts or courses you have created or whatever your hustle is.  If your doing a podcast don't make it a commercial make it about something you like to talk about . For example for me it's money and books. I love talking about ways to save money so that's why I created  this


I am just starting so my numbers are low but they will improve.  Use the free 5 hours  speaker gives you . Talk for about 5- 10  minutes on a subject you like.  And schedule your podcast for a weekly show  with  good topics. If you see no results or you don't like podcasting  after you have used your 5 free hours up then you have not wasted any money trying to create a podcast.. You can then  move on to other forms of advertising for your hustle. Just some suggestions.

                                                                    Happy Hustling 

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Happy Holiday

                                                     Happy Holiday My Hustlers

                             Take the day relax and Monday get out there and do your Hustle.....

                                                                           Happy Hustling

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Free Website

                                   Hello My Hustlers, How The Hustle Going?

Today I want to talk about Free, Yes Free! A free website that's easy to create for your hustle. If you need a website. The site is called Simplesite. You get a bunch of free stuff to use for your website. It will look like a basic website but for free what the heck. I have used this site to start a new business with my $20 dollars here is my new website with Simple Site.

It's not fancy but it will do the things that I need it to do for my podcast show. Remember our hustle is to make the money and  find free ways to promote the hustle. If we do have to spend some money make sure what we are spending our money on is going to bring us back the return we want.

In my hustle I always look for free and sometimes free is not as professional as you want it to be but it's a start. We all know  you need a blog or website, a social media presence and a whole lot of get up and do this attitude . Which I know you have, So let's keep this hustle going by find all the free stuff that we can to make our hustle better!

                                                               Happy Hustling 

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Wear It

Hello My Hustlers, How's the Hustle Going??

Sometime you have to wear it. If you have a hustle that's sell say t Shirts and hats. Then you know you have to wear your stuff to let people know about your stuff. This also goes for jewelry, makeup anything that you can wear that you sell and you can display it. This is what you need to do. But if you have a service business like websites or teaching people something then of course you can't wear it but you can brag about it. But your web designs on fliers, postcards, posters, Hang it up, hand it out. Go to events and show people what you do by letting them know "Hey I can make or do this for you".
You have to be creative and show your hustle to people because if you don't show it then people will not know about it.

Yes that's me in the hat showing off my other hustle The Cheap Cheetah Money Show. I have a hats and T shirts  that I wear when I go on my cruises. I let people know about my hustle everywhere I go. In and out of the U.S.

Happy Hustling.....  

Sunday, April 7, 2019


                                       Hello My Hustlers How's The Hustle?

YouTube. I have notice that a lot of people are starting YouTube channels for just about everything. From cooking shows, survival shows, home hunting  shows, this is my life, gambling, Etc. You name it you can probably find it on YouTube. Yes making videos is a job within itself. trust me I know. You have to first shoot the video and then be creative when you do your editing. I know your asking what all this has to do with your side hustle?  Think about this what if whatever your side hustle is you do a video about it. Say you make T shirts  why not  video tape you or some of your friends wearing your T shirt  creations around town. Show and  tell  people  what inspired you to make the t shirts. People love watching good stories.

Say if you make websites then give people  a 5-10 minute lesson on website designs on your YouTube channel. Forget cooking. There are so many cooking shows out there from people. But if your hustle is cooking and it's different give it a try.

All I am saying is  starting a YouTube channel gives you a different audience then say Pinterest or Instagram or Twitter. If you don't like YouTube then do videos on Facebook from your Facebook page.

If your like me and hate to show your face then just show your hands  like a lot of people do and teach your audience something and inspire them wherever they.  Show them your talent. Show them your Hustle!!!!  

                                                                 Happy Hustling

Monday, April 1, 2019


                                         Hello My Hustlers, How The Hustle???

Today I want to talk about motivation when it comes to your side hustle. How many times have you said F**K this when it comes to your side hustle? You have worked your full-time, then worked your hustle nights and weekends giving it all you got and it returns nothing to you. I know the feeling I have a side hustle that I have worked on for 15 years and so far it has returned just pocket money. But I still push on because I love doing my side hustle and I feel the extra money I might make from it is worth it.

 You might not feel that way, but before you give up your side hustle . First think why did you start it in the first place. Was it because you enjoyed doing whatever  your side hustle is,. You were looking to make extra money from it, You wanted to turn it in to a full time business? Why did you start the side hustle in the first place?

Once you think about what  motivated you in the first place to start you side hustle. Now think about what you can add to enhance your hustle so that you might gain what your looking for from that hustle when you first started.

When you think of why you started your hustle  then you will find your motivation to continue it. Hey we can't all be instant millionaires with our side hustles but we can enjoy it and work on it and pull from the motivation that it gives us so one day we can at least  be a thousanaire.

                                                                Happy Hustling

Monday, March 18, 2019


Hello My Hustlers, How's The Hustle Going?

Today I was talking to a friend of mind that does websites for her  side hustle. She was working on a website for a certification company and we got to talking about feedback. How you need feedback and testimonials on your website so that you know what people think about the products or services that you provide.
  Feedback for a side hustle is important because if you don't know what your doing wrong or right in your hustle how are you going to either stop doing it or keep doing it. I know that you saying that sometimes feedback is not so nice, but from the not so nice feedback we learn to improve what we thought was right. Don't just take negative feedback from one individual to improve your product or service.  If a few people are saying the same thing then it's time that you look at the merchamdise or service your proving and make necessary corrections so that you will start getting positive feedback on that item.
Feedback  helps because these are strangers giving you their options not your friends, family or people who know you.  Friends and family tend to sugarcoat things when you ask for their opinion  With strangers they will be honest and not sugarcoat what they think.  If that honesty hurts then so be it.  This will  give you more reason to change or look at your product or service from an outsiders point of view. 
Feedback also helps that it encourages other to use your product and services. If you have ever used  Yelp. That's a platform where people give reviews on  hotels, restaurants, stores etc. I use yelp all the time if I am going somewhere and want feedback on a place. If the reviews are good I go. Not good I stay away.  
We all need feedback when it comes to our hustle if without feedback how will we  improve  and grow and how will we know if we are doing things right.

Happy Hustling

Saturday, March 9, 2019

No Money Hustle

 Hello My Hustlers....

No money hustle. when I was doing flea markets. Yep that's me in the picture .  Before I had money to sell new products. What I would do was to go junking. That's  look for good resale items in the trash on recycle days. I found some good stuff back in the days. If I had the space I could have sold furniture like crazy. Back then everybody was  throwing out good furniture. But I did manage to find books, toys, dishes and things all for free to clean up and resell for a profit. As my profit grew I saved the money and started buying cheap but nice toys I could re -sell as well at yard sales and flea markets for a profit.
So if you are broke and want to start a side hustle look at my blog post on ways to start a free business. But also look for ways that you can get stuff for free like I did and start selling that. It cost you nothing but time to find the item, clean the item and post it or sell it in various places. When you start making money from this then you move on to putting the money you made back into your business.

Happy Hustling 

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Life For Sale on ABC: Episode 1 (Full Episode)


                                          Hello My Hustlers, How the Hustle Going?

I am  sharing this video with you because you can learn something from this guy. He deals in real estate flips. But no matter what your hustle is the truth that he speaks is priceless and funny. watch some of his series and you will see what I mean. Hustling is not only about the product it's about the attitude  that goes with it.

                                                                    Happy Hustling


Friday, February 1, 2019

Happy Feb

                                      Happy February my hustlers. How the Hustle going?

Personally my hustle is slowwwwwwww. I am thinking of other things that I can do to make more money coming into my hustle bank account. I needed to be at the Super Bowl this Sunday where millions of people will be and I can  try and sell them something ( LOL). Well with the slowness of the business and the cold weather . It's time to work on things and create ideas that will make your hustle more profitable for 2019. My suggestions watch some old Shartank shows, the profit and any business news that you can think of to get some ideas of where you want to go and also where not to go with your hustle. Heck I even got some good ideas  for my hustle from the show American Greed. Just a suggestion.

                                                                     Happy Hustling

Monday, January 21, 2019

Monday's Hustle Quote

Hello my Hustlers, Just wanted to share these great Hustle Quotes with you today 
Happy Monday and Happy Hustling

Thursday, January 3, 2019


Hello My Hustlers, How's the Hustle?

 I was think about something today that I wanted to share with you. Personality. Do you think that your personality has to fit the hustle that you do? I think it does because if the personality and the hustle does not mix then why would people buy from you. Yes customers buy from you because they like your stuff but they also like you.  So if you have  a mean personality then people will shun your hustle. For example I am not what you would call a people person. That's why most of my hustles are done on the internet where there is few people interactions. On the other hand my friend loves people and interactions with them. So she's out there hustling and meeting new people because that's just the way she is. Get the point.

Your personality is a factor for the hustles you have. Yes you can change your personality we all can but to be true to yourself and your hustle. I would suggest tailoring your hustle to your personality. that way you can stay true to both.

                                                              Happy Hustling