Monday, March 18, 2019


Hello My Hustlers, How's The Hustle Going?

Today I was talking to a friend of mind that does websites for her  side hustle. She was working on a website for a certification company and we got to talking about feedback. How you need feedback and testimonials on your website so that you know what people think about the products or services that you provide.
  Feedback for a side hustle is important because if you don't know what your doing wrong or right in your hustle how are you going to either stop doing it or keep doing it. I know that you saying that sometimes feedback is not so nice, but from the not so nice feedback we learn to improve what we thought was right. Don't just take negative feedback from one individual to improve your product or service.  If a few people are saying the same thing then it's time that you look at the merchamdise or service your proving and make necessary corrections so that you will start getting positive feedback on that item.
Feedback  helps because these are strangers giving you their options not your friends, family or people who know you.  Friends and family tend to sugarcoat things when you ask for their opinion  With strangers they will be honest and not sugarcoat what they think.  If that honesty hurts then so be it.  This will  give you more reason to change or look at your product or service from an outsiders point of view. 
Feedback also helps that it encourages other to use your product and services. If you have ever used  Yelp. That's a platform where people give reviews on  hotels, restaurants, stores etc. I use yelp all the time if I am going somewhere and want feedback on a place. If the reviews are good I go. Not good I stay away.  
We all need feedback when it comes to our hustle if without feedback how will we  improve  and grow and how will we know if we are doing things right.

Happy Hustling

Saturday, March 9, 2019

No Money Hustle

 Hello My Hustlers....

No money hustle. when I was doing flea markets. Yep that's me in the picture .  Before I had money to sell new products. What I would do was to go junking. That's  look for good resale items in the trash on recycle days. I found some good stuff back in the days. If I had the space I could have sold furniture like crazy. Back then everybody was  throwing out good furniture. But I did manage to find books, toys, dishes and things all for free to clean up and resell for a profit. As my profit grew I saved the money and started buying cheap but nice toys I could re -sell as well at yard sales and flea markets for a profit.
So if you are broke and want to start a side hustle look at my blog post on ways to start a free business. But also look for ways that you can get stuff for free like I did and start selling that. It cost you nothing but time to find the item, clean the item and post it or sell it in various places. When you start making money from this then you move on to putting the money you made back into your business.

Happy Hustling 

Tuesday, March 5, 2019