Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Be Different

Hello My Hustlers, How's The Hustle Going???

Today we are talking about being different in your hustle. Meaning don't follow the  crowd be a standout to get notice. For example look at the singer Lady Gaga  when she wore that meat outfit to an awards show. She stood out maybe not in a good way but she still stood out and got people talking about her.
In your hustle you have to stand above the rest of your competition. Make them notice you by being a bit out there in a good way. Example if you sell T shirts have a T shirts fashion show with your best T shirts, show people how you can make T shirts a fashion thing. What about a silly T shirt contest featuring your T shirts. 
If you sell a service then find creative ways for example if you have a resume service offer different color paper or materials that has never been used for resumes before .

There are so many ways to stand out you just have to find your way and do it.

 Be Different & Be Better From The Rest

Happy Hustling

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