Monday, July 1, 2019

Good Idea

                                                 Hello My Hustlers, How The Hustle...

Good idea, listen to this. I was watching a YouTube video about this guy who re-sells stuff on eBay. He tells the views where he goes, how much he sell on e bay and the things he gets to sell on his eBay store. He once had a nice collection of Marvel legend figures and stuff. He showed this to his audience on YouTube and they started buying the stuff out of his ebay store.

My point is this you can set up an YouTube account and talk about your hustle and let people know what your doing. But don't tell all your business. That way people are aware of who and what you are as far as your hustle is concerned. That's another audience that you can reach to sell your product and services to. Did I add that YouTube has a lot of people watching.  If your popular well you know how that goes you can go national and start doing live tv  interviews  which will give you an even bigger audience. Which is another way to promote your hustle.

                   I know I might have already told you this but to me it bears repeating
                                                             Happy Hustling

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