Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Lesson To Be Learned.

 Hello My Hustlers How's The Hustle...

I wanted to show you the best marketing trick in the book. I am sure you know by now the battle between Popeyes' chicken sandwich and Chick fil chicken sandwiches and the craziness behind it all.

The basis  of the story is this both places Popeyes and Chick fil on twitter stated they had the best chicken sandwich. This talking smack started the hype and frenzy with people. So now everybody wanted to try Popeyes chicken sandwich so much that Popeyes had a limited run on their sandwiches and people lines up and even had fight over them.

This is what I am saying when it comes to creating hype with your hustle and getting people to line up for it. First start taking smack about your competition. Then place your item out there for a limited time only( Supply & Demand). After a certain time state that your item is all sold out.  Also make sure your pricing is right.

Popeyes made a killing on this hype take a lesson and learn from it.
It's marketing at it's best...

Happy Hustling.....

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