Saturday, August 24, 2019

Pay Or Not??

                                    Hello My Hustlers, How's The Hustle?

I have been reading about paid websites/blogs versus non paying ones.  People keep saying  pay for your website and it's hosting allowing the people  who visit your website to take you more seriously . When you pay for your websites then you get it without  having  a sites name  attached to yours  like If you get a free websites you will get  a sites name attached to yours.  

But you have to remember when you first start your hustle you might not have any money to put into  paying for a  website  they can get expensive. What if you can only afford a free website. Will your new clients not take you serious because your broke when you started hustling.  I have personally always gone with free stuff from the internet, Free blogs, website, podcasting. Yes my middle name is free!

I have had my free blogs and website for years and I see no difference in frees ones versus paid ones but that's just me. Yes with a free website you might be limited to what you can do, but you are out there and people know you . So when your business kicks off then if you decided you need a paid website then get one. You need to test the waters before you make a commitment of your hard earn dollars for a certain period of time when it comes to paid websites. Your hustling  money don't  always come fast when you start out. Sometimes it takes a while to make your first hustle dollar.
So I say  look at some of your free website, blog.  You might be surprised what you can get for free.

                                                             Happy Hustling

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