Sunday, September 29, 2019

Say Thank You

                                                        Hello My Hustlers....

Say Thank You.  When you send a package to someone who purchase from you or used your service. Put a little thank you note inside of their package or send it in a nice envelope if you have a service hustle. I saw this YouTube video where everytime someone purchase something from this guy off of eBay he send them a thank you card with their purchase. I thought that was a nice gesture and it shows your customers you appreciate their business. Which in return will help them keep you in mind when they want to purchase something else. So say thank you and show your customers that they are truly appreciated.

                                                          Happy Hustling 

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Let's Party

                                             Hello My Hustlers, How The Hustle?

I know this might sound crazy but hear me out first. Now that the fall is coming and your hustle should be getting good and money should be rolling in. Why not throw a Thank You  Party for the people who have purchase from you. There is nothing like saying Thank you  then with a party. You don't have to go all out. Set a $100 dollar budget and get a place that's inexpensive or free. Like my local church offers their basement for a small fee. Or you can invite your customer out for coffee and cake in  restaurant somewhere.  You can get a place serve finger foods, non alcoholic drinks, have  games for small prizes and you call it a day. Yes you can do this all for under $100. You have to think outside the box remember. This is way cheaper then sending them thank you gifts.

I notice that my banks throws an customer appreciation party every year this kills two birds with one stone. It says thank you to the existing customers and it  encourages the customers to bring in new  customers to the bank.

Show your customers you appreciate them and their business throw a party and see what happens!

                                                             Happy Hustling

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Happy Sunday

                                                            Hello My Hustlers...

                Happy Sunday! Wanted to give you some motivation for your upcoming week.

                                                               Happy Hustling

Friday, September 6, 2019

Ad Discounts

Hello My Hustlers How's The Hustle Going?

Here's what I did I wanted to do a Facebook  post boost for one of my business Facebook page. So I waited until they offered me a coupon for $5 off their ads. What I did was as post boost  for 7 days  with a call to action. My limit was $10 dollar and Facebook was giving me $5 off. So the post boost was only costing me $5.

This is a great way to test the waters to see if you get any traction for your hustle on your Facebook page. Which by now should have a Facebook business page set up. You create a post that tells people to do something. Example get 5% off if you buy xyz or sign up  for? Or get a free entry to win   XYZ if you join my Facebook page, tell a friend and make a comment.
something along those line.

If your offered discounts on services and things you can use to promote or advance your hustle then why not try it.  These is noting like testing the waters for your hustle on the cheap. I know I do it all the time!

Happy Hustling

Happy Weekend

Hello My Hustlers

Just wanted to say Have A Great Weekend , Be Safe and  Keep Hustling

Happy Hustling