Tuesday, December 31, 2019

It's Time

                                                                        Hello My Hustlers..

Happy 2020. So how did your hustle go for 2019? Now that 2020 is here it's time to think about mark down, sales, getting rid of it. You have inventory that is just not moving. Why not offer a discount on it and get the money for the things that are moving. Or use the money to purchase items you might need for your hustle. Just like your life it's time to de-clutter your hustle. This also goes for a service business as well. If you have a service that nobody is using offer that service at a nice discount and see if you have any takers. If not think about doing a different  service business with the service business you already have. One service  you offer at a nice discount and  the other service at full rate. Something to think about.

People love sales. So if you offer a sale to your customer they will help you to get rid of products that are not selling and services that no one is using. Sometimes I see that in order for a customer to jump they wait for a sale on that item then they jump on it. Just my thoughts.

                                                                            Happy Hustling,  

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