Saturday, August 29, 2020

Seize The Opportunity

                                                            Hello My Hustlers!!!

It's been a while but I am here. Today I want to tell you to Seize the Opportunities! meaning with this virus thing going around we are limited in the things that we can do. But that should not stop our hustle from going on. We just have to go about it a different way. Like for instance this picture where somebody made a bouquet of flowers  with hand sanitizers, masks, lotions  to sell. Great idea. I also saw a guy making cocktails in a juice bottle to sell. They call them street cocktails and he makes and delivers them to people all over New York.

 Can you tailor your hustle to  the situations that are going on today? Like creating a hand soap, or protective gear. On online Dj party where people pay to attend. Something like that. Again it goes to thinking outside of the box and have your hustle fit the needs of the people today!

                                                                    Happy Hustling