Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Good Deal

                                                   Hello My Hustlers...

Just a reminder that the Holidays are coming and it's time to start thinking and selling. Weather you have your own website to sell from or you have an ebay/Bonanza store. The point is you have to buy/list/sell. From my $20 hustle challenge where I take $20 and make it more. I got these great deals on movies and books. I paid  in total about $5 in all. I will be listing them on my site. So now I am down to $15 from the $20 challenge. Get going the holidays are short ones and money is out there you just have to have the right products/service and enticement for people to buy.  

                                                         Happy Hustling



Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Sometimes You Lose

   Hello My Hustlers..

You can't win them all. meaning for my $25 hustle challenge that's what I am calling it nowadays. I told you that I am using my eBlueJay https://www.ebluejay.com/store/coinqueen57 for listing items that I purchase with my $25 in coins. I will be using some  of my budget for advertising expenses. Anyways  I saw a great deal on this Conair portable hairdryer. I thought that it would fit great in my online store. Got this sucker home and it's broke. Only goes to one speed low the high speed is broken. I lost $1 from my budget on this one. 

Why I am telling you this is that we can't  always  win when it comes to hustling.
Sometimes we come out winners and sometimes losers. But we keep getting  hustling  why?   Because our hustle wins  first makes us feel good and the hustle losers just makes us more determined to keep pushing until we get more winners then losers.

Happy Hustling

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Take Advantage

                                                            Hello My Hustlers..

With all the store closings. J.C. Penny, Gamestop, Sears, Forever 21 and other we might not  know of  it's time to take advantage. First you need to be ready for the holiday season. People are still buying even thought the economy is in the crapper. If you sell products online then take advantage of the deep discounts that you will be getting because of these store closing. One guy I watched purchased $10,000 worth of discounted cosmetics to sell on e bay. I am not saying to do that but I am saying take advantage of the opportunity for your hustle. I did this when Toys r Us and Kaybe toys went out of business. Purchase toys at deep discounts to sell  at flea markets and in my online stores.

Also since these stores are closing this is your opportunity to promote your hustle or services to the people who need them. Especially since the holidays are around the corner this  is the time you need to prepare yourself for the rush of the buyers.   Just some thoughts

                                                               Happy Hustling 



Thursday, September 10, 2020

Going Crazy

                                                                 Hello My Hustlers..

I have been going crazy these last few days trying to think about what kinda of business I can start with $25 bucks. That's all I have saved in coins for now.  I thought to myself  people are doing a few things Selling stuff or  providing a service. I said why not use what I already have to do my $25 business. So I am using my limited funds to  find more stuff to sell in my e Bluejay  store. I already had the store set up I paid $10 for ii a while ago. I just never bothered with it afterwards.  The good thing about using e blue jay is that the money you make is yours there is no commission fees like the other online stores. So now I am going to use my $25 to find fresh new products to put in the store and promote the store. All using only $25 in coins. I will keep you posted. Why  re-invent the wheel just make it different.


                                                                      Happy Hustling