Thursday, September 10, 2020

Going Crazy

                                                                 Hello My Hustlers..

I have been going crazy these last few days trying to think about what kinda of business I can start with $25 bucks. That's all I have saved in coins for now.  I thought to myself  people are doing a few things Selling stuff or  providing a service. I said why not use what I already have to do my $25 business. So I am using my limited funds to  find more stuff to sell in my e Bluejay  store. I already had the store set up I paid $10 for ii a while ago. I just never bothered with it afterwards.  The good thing about using e blue jay is that the money you make is yours there is no commission fees like the other online stores. So now I am going to use my $25 to find fresh new products to put in the store and promote the store. All using only $25 in coins. I will keep you posted. Why  re-invent the wheel just make it different.


                                                                      Happy Hustling

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