Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Sometimes You Lose

   Hello My Hustlers..

You can't win them all. meaning for my $25 hustle challenge that's what I am calling it nowadays. I told you that I am using my eBlueJay https://www.ebluejay.com/store/coinqueen57 for listing items that I purchase with my $25 in coins. I will be using some  of my budget for advertising expenses. Anyways  I saw a great deal on this Conair portable hairdryer. I thought that it would fit great in my online store. Got this sucker home and it's broke. Only goes to one speed low the high speed is broken. I lost $1 from my budget on this one. 

Why I am telling you this is that we can't  always  win when it comes to hustling.
Sometimes we come out winners and sometimes losers. But we keep getting  hustling  why?   Because our hustle wins  first makes us feel good and the hustle losers just makes us more determined to keep pushing until we get more winners then losers.

Happy Hustling

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