Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Take Advantage

                                                            Hello My Hustlers..

With all the store closings. J.C. Penny, Gamestop, Sears, Forever 21 and other we might not  know of  it's time to take advantage. First you need to be ready for the holiday season. People are still buying even thought the economy is in the crapper. If you sell products online then take advantage of the deep discounts that you will be getting because of these store closing. One guy I watched purchased $10,000 worth of discounted cosmetics to sell on e bay. I am not saying to do that but I am saying take advantage of the opportunity for your hustle. I did this when Toys r Us and Kaybe toys went out of business. Purchase toys at deep discounts to sell  at flea markets and in my online stores.

Also since these stores are closing this is your opportunity to promote your hustle or services to the people who need them. Especially since the holidays are around the corner this  is the time you need to prepare yourself for the rush of the buyers.   Just some thoughts

                                                               Happy Hustling 



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