Saturday, October 17, 2020

Facebook Market Place Careful

                                                     Hello My Hustlers..

Be careful part of my $20 buck challenge was to list some items for sale on facebook market place since it is free. I listed some and what I am getting is a lot of people asking me if this is still available , a lot of people low balling my price and a lot of people who have nothing better to do in life but to ask you silly questions. But after all of that still no buyers. I know the economy is not to good right now and people are holding on tight to their money. But there are still free places to offer your good and services without the hassle of fees. Facebook Market place is one of those places.

But I will tell you that people  who have the money to  buy are scared to buy because they have been scammed  on marketplace. So their trust level is high. But still it's a free place to sell  just be careful. Work with customers who are really interested in purchasing your products and services  on marketplace.  Once you build their trust and they know you can deliver then you never know what it might lead to. Just be careful..

                                                            Happy Hustling




Tuesday, October 13, 2020


                                                            Hello My Hustlers...

We all know that Amazon is the world biggest online shopping center. They offer everything. So as a hustler you can't compete with them. But in reality why should you even try. You have your own hustle, you do your own thing and it works for you. Ok you might not make a billion dollars doing your hustle, But as long as you enjoy it, people are buying from you and your being a good seller. Why bother with  what the other hustlers like amazon are doing. Focus your attention and energy on your own hustle and just do you!

                                                                     Happy Hustling



Friday, October 2, 2020


                                                      Hello My Hustlers..

Fees not a good word in my opinion. Be careful of the fees that are associated with the services that you might use to sell your product and services. I just got a notice from paypal yesterday stating that the fees for a dispute with a buyer will be coming in November. It's not like I am paying them for their services already. I think I am paying about 2-3% off the top of any sales that I make. Now they are charging me to settle a dispute that I might have with a buyer. 

The fees that these companies charge will eat into your profit. just be aware of them and raise your price accordingly. Because if the post office with their postage rates going up every 20 minutes don't get you the fees on some of the services you need to hustle will.

                                                        Happy Hustling