Friday, October 2, 2020


                                                      Hello My Hustlers..

Fees not a good word in my opinion. Be careful of the fees that are associated with the services that you might use to sell your product and services. I just got a notice from paypal yesterday stating that the fees for a dispute with a buyer will be coming in November. It's not like I am paying them for their services already. I think I am paying about 2-3% off the top of any sales that I make. Now they are charging me to settle a dispute that I might have with a buyer. 

The fees that these companies charge will eat into your profit. just be aware of them and raise your price accordingly. Because if the post office with their postage rates going up every 20 minutes don't get you the fees on some of the services you need to hustle will.

                                                        Happy Hustling



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