Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Get Legs

  Hello My Hustlers, Got Legs yet? What I mean is we are hustling it's the holiday season. Sales should be booming. But what  if it's not? What if what your selling or the service your providing nobody is interested? Now what?. Get you some legs meaning you have to think about what other services or products that you can offer that compliments the service or products your already offering. You need multi legs for your hustle. For example a cake baker might not only sell cakes,  cookies, He might also sell items to place your cake and cookies on for display. Specialty cake decorations for when you make your own cakes etc. A person who is selling a service like a gym membership might also offer weight loss products. at home gym equipment. These are just some example.

Personally I sell books on line but I also offer  my customers a service where I will review their books for a small fee and promote it on my podcast and blogs.  You get the idea. So think about legs that you can add to your hustle and get to walking!

                                                     Happy Hustling


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