Thursday, March 25, 2021

Here's A Tip

                                                               Hello My Hustlers..

Here's a tip Since the Stimulus checks are coming out and some people are buying stuff they want. Be prepared to have your stuff ready for them to buy. I have notice that a lot of people are selling homemade cakes, cookies. They are offering their event spaces, cooking skills as a private carter, at home hair dressers, dog groomers , homemade drinks and such. People right now with the extra money are buying the products and services that people are selling. Yes I know the stimulus was not made for personal buying. But did you read where the apparel business shoes, clothing, personal items has shot up 60% in the last 2 weeks alone.

People are spending it might be for a short time but they are spending. Here's a personal example. I  have an online store. I have been selling for a while but  my online store has been dead. Until the last 2 weeks people are buying and not the small stuff the more expensive items. I sell various items in my store. Just trying to get rid of stuff and make a few bucks. Part of my hustle. I am not saying take advantage of people I am saying strike while the iron is hot!

                                                          Happy Hustling 


Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Extra $$


                                                          Hello My Hustlers..

Times are hard, With hope they will get better. I have you thought about the stimulus check that you will be getting. I mean first you pay your bills and buy the things you need to live and then. If you could squeeze  say $20-50 bucks out of this for your hustle. That would be great. This money you would use to advertise your business say on Facebook, Craigslist which is free. You can buy supplies that you need . finding them for free or cheap. You can use the money for a side hustle emergency fund. Just in case you need  the money in the future for your hustle. 

Take this opportunity to use the money that you get toward your business( side hustle) you never know that $20 dollars you put aside might just help you make  it over the top when it comes to you hustle.  We are not trying to make millions with our hustle just a couple extra dollars  to help us and to be able  to continue another day with our hustle.

                                                                  Happy Hustling


Tuesday, March 9, 2021

This Virus

                                                             Hello My Hustlers..

 This virus Corvid 19 is doing not just damage to the people that has contacted it. It's hurting the brink and mortar business and the hustle community as well. Hustling is not easy when most of the festival and events that your would normally hustle at is closed.

The only people that are your customers are the people on line and everybody and their  Mother  is selling stuff on line. People  are looking for bargain when it comes to buying stuff. and they are getting it. I see  with money being tight people are liquidating their collections for dirt cheap. Heck I am even liquidating some of my  doll collection in order to keep my hustle afloat.

                                                           So how's your hustle going?