Sunday, April 4, 2021

Did You Hear?

                                                                 Hello My Hustler..

Happy Easter. I know I talked about Youtube before but this is different. I was watching some youtube videos where the people were talking about the amount of money they make doing youtube videos. Mind  you  this is their hustle. You have to produce 1-2 videos a week on  a regular basis. So that you can build up your numbers. Before you  make money on Youtube you need to have a set amount of followers, hours of  video produced and many some other things. Read the rules on Youtube.  Oh an you must also talk about things that people want to hear and be relatable. 

These youtubers was stating that they can make hundred or thousands of dollars making video . But it all depends on your following numbers. If your into the millions  of followers you make a nice piece of hustle money. If you have followers in the thousands you make a nice piece of money but it more in the hundreds  dollar mark and not thousands dollar mark.

Beware that it takes time, money to buy the right equipment,  and a product, service or lifestyle that people want to know about. If you just go on there and do a home shopping network kind of things. I really don't think that will work. Just my opinion.

You decide investigate it and see what you think. It's another avenue to use with your hustle or make that your new hustle.

                                                                    Happy Hustling 


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